carnet de notes 247

carnet de notes 247

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 23/06/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages


manaus, brazil

umea, svezia, capitale europea dell cultura 2014

carnet d'architecture

a rooftop swimming pool runs along the edge of this renovated penthouse in tel aviv by israeli architect pitsou kedem

malaysia pavilion tells seed story at expo milan 2015

project hijas katsuri associates

hilberinkbosch architecten have recently completed the restoration and extension of huize vreeburg, located in rosmalen, the netherlands.

the dalene cabin in rennesøy, norway, by tommie wilhelmsen

carnet de hotels et restaurants

ad amsterdam il room mate aitana è il nuovo hotel della catena fondata da kike sarasola


carnet de design

pesci tropicali by lineasette ceramiche

poltrona frau contract per il nuovo terminal passeggeri dell’aeroporto internazionale g.marconi di bologna

the picnic cutlery, a stainless steel knife, fork, spoon and metal bottle opener

ukrainian designer anna marinenko has drawn a symbolic and visual connection between noise and nature for ‘sound form wave’. while studying outdoor vistas, marinenko observed the aesthetic similarity between the oscillating heights of mountains, trees and skylines and the waveforms of music


carnet d'artisanat

precious wood japanese traditional craft

florence collection by scandola marmi

carnet de lumières

sister blister lamp by walking chair

luzinterruptus weaves labyrinth of plastic waste from 6000 illuminated bottles

carnet de interiors

williams street loft, chattanooga, tennessee, by nick messerlian

progetto di una suite di soligno, azienda di costruzioni specializzata in bioedilizia affiliata al gruppo rubner, in collaborazione con l'architetto martin gruber, gruber partner di bressanone

carnet de photos

ranch in lombardia, sakis lalas photo&film productions

portrait de marisa berenson by lorenzo capellini

palazzo ducale, genova, until september 21

carnet d'expos

abiti da lavoro, a cura di alessandro guerriero, at la triennale, milano

from top left, clockwise

mellajaarsma, nathalie du pasquier,vivienne westwood, alberto aspesi

klaus pichler: "shark at the museum of natural history vienna"

at anzenberger gallery, vienna

vespa, um ìcone italiano

museu da casa brasileira, san paolo, brasile

le voci della scienza, at museo della scienza e tecnologia, milano

installazioni di dotdotdot

carnet de la nuit

cuscino themo dual massage by fabricatore

the last carnet

la distrazione del fagiano

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