carnet de notes 246

carnet de notes 246

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 16/06/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

jr is presenting a solo exhibition at the museum frieder burda, in baden baden, germany – a retrospective of his career, with a special inside out photobooth installation

ladakh e grandi foreste dell'india himalayana


carnet d'architecture

left, bauhaus masterhouses by walter gropius restored in dessau

right, casa gropius, 1926

left, israel lopez balan imagines a monument to fear in mexico city, which operates as a large camera obscura that reproduces the surroundings of mexico city

right, located in minato-ku, tokyo, japan, the shirokane house was designed by mds on a small site, usual in this area where houses are built close together

with construction nearing completion, the ‘pathé foundation’ infills the interior of a city block in paris, and takes a curving form elevated from the ground. designed by renzo piano building workshop, the screened-glass volume has an unexpected urban presence. from the street it is masked by the surrounding structures, but rises above to reveal itself

the big team is awarded $335 million to increase resiliency in lower manhattan, protecting the city against future storm surges while providing social and environmental benefits to the local community

carnet de projects for

la biennale and 2015 world expo

from top left, clockwise

green projects by lava (laboratory for visionary architecture)

the uk pavilion takes on the theme by drawing attention to the world’s declining bee populations – crucial not only for honey production but also the fertilisation of many crops

latticed france pavilion for milan expo by x-tu architects

new zealand pavilion

carnet de installations

colorizing istanbul’s waterfront vista during the recent great festival of creativity, london-based designer paul cocksedge‘s ‘palette’ installation celebrates both britain and turkey, their historical connections, trade and culture

carnet de hotels et restaurants

the ‘mirage’ residence is located on a steep and rocky hillside on the greek island of tinos, and overlooks the aegean sea with expansive views. designed by kois associated architects, the house was intended to closely integrate with its surroundings. the single level living space is covered by a rimless pool

kengo kuma has revealed plans for the ‘yunnan hotel’ in southern china, a scheme that provides luxury accommodation for local, national and international guests

left, roy zsidai transforms ruin pub in budapest into spiler shanghai bistro

right, berghotel, pusteria, alto adige


carnet d'art

maya angelou, a conceit 1968 poem, give me your hand…


carnet de design

man-made contemporary prehistoric hand-axes by ami drach and dov ganchrow

left, pannello fotovoltaico flessibile

right, new york and amsterdam-based architect haiko cornelissen’s pic-nyc table brings the rural picnic into the urban residence with a grass table top

left, the painted plains collection by new york based design studio avo combine cowhides with bold geometric pattern

center, centrotavola by cristina pettenuzzo for bloom

right, chairs

left, chairs by atelier kaspar hamacher

right, tuareg floor lamps by ferruccio laviani for foscarini,


carnet de tissus

left, cuscino miglio; right, trapuntine

carnet de tapis

alexander mcqueen’s hummingbird rug for the rug company

carnet de lumières

left, summer light from zava

center, plumage by vanessa vivian for axo light

right, ‘pressed wood black’ collection by johannes hemann for industry gallery

carnet de interiors

stasi secret rooms – potsdam, prison cell, 2004 © daniel & geo fuchs

carnet de photos

left, angela prati, scaricatori cemento at pictura poesis

studio d'arte andromeda, trento,

right, portrait de chantier by fred chapotat

carnet d'expos

left, lavish anniversary exhibition at hermitage amsterdam

dining with the tsars. fragile beauty from the hermitage

6 september 2014 – 1 march 2015

right, what began as a friendship between gallery owner emmanuel perrotin and artist and musician pharrell williams has developed into a creative collaboration with the opening of ‘GIRL’. the exhibition, curated by pharrell, has been devised especially for perrotin’s new site, the historic salle de bal in paris

left, loredana galante, rosso milano at superstudio più,

right, silvia cavalli felci, adagio, ex chiesa della maddalena, bergamo

solomon nikritin – george grosz

political terror and social decadence in europe between the wars

state museum of contemporary art, thessaloniki, greece

the last carnet

he liangcai, a former farmer in china, has built a battery-powered suitcase scooter, which transports himself and his belongings simultaneously. the vehicle comprises a stripped-down electric scooter embedded into a suitcase, situated in such a way that the rider straddles the handbag and uses it as a seat, all the while being able to drive normally

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