carnet de notes 249

carnet de notes 249

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 07/07/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

lago di mergozzo, italy

den tilsandede kirke, skagen island, denmark

left, barcelona, casa milà by antoni gaudì

right, paris, arc de triomphe

naziha mestaoui projects virtual forests growing onto paris’ monuments

carnet d'architecture

project for the alhambra by àlvaro siza

based upon the client’s need to escape and gather strength for his demanding work in prague, uhlik architekti was taken to an area between central and south bohemia with the idea to create a hideaway in the countryside

big-bjarke ingels group designs museum for swiss watchmaker audemars piguet

carnet de hotels et restaurants

guanahani hotel & spa, saint barth island, restyling by luis pons

citizenm charles de gaulle, paris, by concrete

flying rabbits over the desk

the west has the man in the moon, whereas china believes there’s a goddess who lives on our closest celestial body, together with a little jade rabbit. she is an immortal beauty called chang’e and not only provided the name for the last lunar mission but also for the mira moon design hotel in hong kong. marcel wanders and yoo! designed the interior, a mélange of traditional chinese craftsmanship and western design, with highly witty objects by moooi and refined mixers by axor

stock coffee by arhitektura budjevac , serbia


carnet de design

set di tavolini bonsai, design marco zanuso jr at fragile, milano

left, aleaf by designyouedit

right, bear table by danel lewis garcia

left, amalgamated pencil vases by studio markunpoika

right, cristalline vases by amanda j. simmons at vessel gallery

aureola by luca nichetto and lera moiseeva

the aureola tea set is composed of a main body, a tea filter, and two cups, made in fine porcelain colored in mass and the pigments, obtained from metal powders, are commonly used to create the finest oriental lacquers.
as the heat propagates from the center of the bowl towards the outside, so the energy aura of the people involved in the sharing rite seems to expand in wider circles towards the others. from this image takes its name the tea set aureola, which has on its surface the signs that graphically represent this concept,


carnet d'art

at galerie boisserée, from left:

patrick hughes, walter stoehrer, xenia hausner

www, galerie

mat collishaw at 1/9 unosunove arte contemporanea

art in the airports, for top left clockwise:

chicago hare intertnational airport, miami international airport, toronto pearson airport and san diego county regional airport

carnet de lumières

sebastian errazuriz turns taxidermy bird into chicken lamp

carnet de installations

smiljan radi%u0107 per la serpentine

un’astronave planata nei giardini di kensington park a londra. ogni anno l’apertura del nuovo padiglione estivo della serpentine gallery diventa occasione per esplorare visioni azzardate e celebrare la capacità di questa piccola-grande fondazione

carnet de photos

philippe chancel   

carnet d'expos

nilufar gallery at design miami

in the image: prototype sofa and armchairs by gio ponti, ceiling lamp by carlo scarpa, mirror by gio ponti, pair of wall lights by pietro chiesa, pair of armchairs by gio ponti.

carnet de events

le conversazioni di paolo mieli, spoleto, festival dei due mondi,

master di architettura della libera università delle arti – l.un.a di bologna

carnet de body ornaments

daniela vismara. la forma e l'archetipo

carnet de tissus

studio ak-lk pour les galeries lafayettes, nice

the last carnet


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