carnet de notes 250

carnet de notes 250

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 14/07/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

at venice, one of the grandest installations created for the biennale is a grid of seven-metre-high golden columns by german artist heinz mack

carnet d'architecture

vitra, the furniture brand's design-laden campus in weil am rhein, south-western germany, has just opened a new visitor tower created by carsten höller

construction to begin at brighton’s i360 observation tower

project mark barfield architects

house for trees by vo trong nghia architects is a two-bedroom home for a family of three. it is built on vacant land hemmed in by buildings on all sides, in one of the most densely populated areas of ho chi minh city

carnet de hotels et restaurants

ham yard hotel, london

revival of the flandrin brasserie sublimated by jpseph dirand

castel monastero, monastero d’ombrone, siena, andrea bocelli in concerto 20 luglio, teatro del silenzio a lajatico


carnet de design

left, sofa peg by nendo for cappellini

right, sofa vico by jaime hayon for cassina

left, daybed megara by gordon guillaumié for driade

right, sofa ercole e afrodite

left, romeo-juliet by extremis

right, low table by fredrikson stallard for driade

left, decanter horn by riedel

right, loop mirror by front for porro

‘mocho’ by joão timóteo and helena fernandes is a traditional portuguese bench

room collection is a modular furniture system that is made up of 25 stackable blocks with geometric voids and a low table that let you compose your own, unique storage unit. designed by erik olovsson and kyuhyung cho,



carnet de lumières

la lampada biophilia di lanzavecchia wai della collezione .exnovo sarà protagonista di gathering, la nuova mostra del design museum holon do israele – 3 luglio/25 ottobre 2014 – a cura di li edelkoort

luckystar by maurizio galante e tal lancman per driade

carnet de musées

‘ringve museum’ by link arkitektur is norway’s national music center where visitors and citizens can discover the history of composers, the invention of instruments, and the development of symphonies through societies

dortmund-based gerber architekten has been selected as one of two winning entries for their proposal to the ‘noble quran oasis’ museum competition

carnet de installations

amsterdam, this summer, fourteen monumental sculptures by alexander calder (1898-1976) are taking over the rijksmuseum ’s 'outdoor gallery' for the largest freely accessible outdoor exhibition of his work to date

visitors to the bounce below arena in blaenau ffestiniog, wales, will have the opportunity to bounce and slide underground in an old mining cavern, twice the size of london’s st. paul’s cathedral

carnet de events

quaranta protagonisti dell’arte contemporanea internazionale in 40 sedi tra musei, palazzi, basiliche, piazze, vie, giardini della città antica. fino al 31 ottobre 2014 il centro storico di arezzo è tutto icastica, kermesse dedicata alle arti ed alla contemporaneità quest’anno alla seconda edizione

carnet de photos

bruno zanzottera, parallelo zero

carnet d'expos

two skeletons dressed as lady and gentleman in “the arsenic waltz,” etching (1862) (courtesy wellcome library, london)

opened this week at the bata shoe museum in toronto, fashion victims: the pleasures and perils of dress in the 19th century explores the dangers of style not just for the wearers, but for the people who made the clothing as well

“emerald green” dress colored with arsenic, english or french (c. 1860– 1865) (collection of glennis murphy, photograph arnold matthews)

beaver fur hat, still containing amounts of mercury, swiss (1885–1925) (collection of the bata shoe museum, photograph by ron wood)

ugo nespolo, le stanze dell'immagine, palazzo liceo saracco, acqui terme

gaetano pesce, maxxi, roma

tierra seca de elisa aguirre en galerìa de arte patricia ready

carnet d'art

the ritz-carlton, hong kong is delighted to present distinguished painter yuanming he’s first art exhibition in hong kong from july 26 to august 10

the last carnet

green bridge

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