carnet de notes 270

carnet de notes 270

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


in alto, a sinistra, danzica, 

e a destra, matera,

qui sopra, ravenna,


when american artist kat o’sullivan purchased a run-down 1840s residence in upstate new york, she planned for its total reconstruction into a psychedelic retreat, painted in a spectrum of rainbow hues

from top left, clockwise

tradizione costruttiva e modernità di intervento un'abitazione ecosostenibile nel salento. progetto massimo iosa ghini


casa ricavata nel bunker, terrazzo nel verde, in olanda

hollandes waterlinie bunker, tim van der velde


cadore lodge, e-motion wooden house, casa mobile in legno ecocompatibile

project alessio ranallo,


the vegetarian cottage by cousins & cousins, in hackney, east london 

 the extension delivers a new bedroom and dining area with a section of the brickwork ‘removed’ to incorporate a glass frontage onto the garden

jellyfish barge, la serra agricola galleggiante che produce cibo senza consumare suolo, acqua dolce e energia, progettata da antonio girardi e cristiana favretto, fondatori di studiomobile

from top left, clockwise

edificio a alcalà de guadaira, sevilla, spain, by af6 arquitectos


edificio  a lorient, france, by jean de giacinto architecture


incineration line in roskilde, denmark, project erick van egeraat


the kemenes volcanopark visitor center, 200 km west of budapest. project by  foldes architects


the novoperedelkino metro station in moscow by u-r-a/united riga architects


the new design museum to be opened in december 2014 in barcelona, project by mbm arquitectes


left, floating pandora hall in utrecht music center by nl architects


right, malin persson envisions colorful student housing project in stockholm

hotels, restaurants and bars 

karim rashid ha scelto alcuni prodotti progettati per bonaldo per il nuovo prizeotel di amburgo

julio oropel constructs swimming wood restaurant expansion in argentina

this roadside café by japanese practice bandesign is clad with polished mirrored surfaces that reflect the building’s residential environment

bistrò manna, noto, project by gordon guillaumier

winter garden by caino at st.regis florence


for martín azúa and marc vidal’s ‘vase with stone’ project, craftwork and nature converge without artifice, where materials and artisan gestures are equally honest

left, table join by fritz hansen,

center, bench up by pio & tito toso for metalco,,

 right, daniel libeskind moroso reveal counting the rice table for marina abramovic

mo-ow design crafts 1 wooden chair from 24 identical pieces

from top left, clockwise


a bookcase by insiderland at maison & objet


scrivania by desnahemisfera for donar.d.o.


corki lips 3, poltrona in sughero by rodrigo vairinhos


sedia impilabile sting color oro by bla station at enginux

from top left, clockwise

hexa, low table by ariane et bernard vuarnesson for resource furniture


 le tabouret ‘butterfly’ imaginé par sori yanagi en 1956 est devenu une pièce emblématique de la maison vitra. vente aux enchères, hotel des industries, paris, le 15 decembre


a table made from every single page of an ikea catalogue


bright woods collection by giancarlo zema for luxyde

left, keita suzuki forms chair from all the tears you will shed in a lifetime


right, hearts by alexa lixfeld


milano, a lamp inspired by organic, natural shapes by nikari

left, lacelamp by linlin and pierre-yves jacques


center, wall lamps by alby serfaty for aqua creations


right, lamp tull by tommaso caldera for incipit

claesson koivisto rune designs human scale pendant collection for wa%u0308stberg

left, tjep. illuminates amsterdam’s canals with undulating light bridge


right, urbantainer lights up adidas flagship store with boost energy lab


norway-based artist per kristian nygård has infilled the gallery expanse at noplace in oslo with a bright green cascade of grass, sweeping and swerving throughout the space

non è la rosa non è il tulipano. tener-a-mente… gherardo frassa, at triennale,


aldo cibic for blumohito, green dunes, a 3d vegetal sculpture depicting dunes, as part of downtown design dubai 2014


artists transform tunisian village into an open air art museum

‘vectorfunk’ calendar features all new 100% custom typographic explorations for each month. by matt w. moore

ruin porn


gerard musy, kaléidoscope cornucopia at galerie esther voerdehoff


left, inspired by an alpine chalet, project by van staeyen interieur


right, at home of nilafur gallery’s nina yashar

left, in a private island, north of the canadian city of toronto, this sculpted sauna was constructed using three-dimensional technology to scan, model and build the scheme. designed by studio partisans


right, naihan li renders oma's cctv headquarters as a wooden storage cabinet


two books by cinquesensi editore


de padova, milano, winter's tale


t caetera

fishpond city by lu yang, christian lindle and raoul bukor allows the aquatic occupant to move its contained environment around a space rather than remaining static


spanish artist david cata%u0301 uses his body as a canvas. a superficial pocket has been peeled away from the epidermis, soil inserted, and vegetation tucked within, transforming the human hand into a source of life for the natural growth


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