carnet de notes 271


buon natale, bon noel

carnet de notes 271

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


cassis, france


the kolla school is a playful, inspiring and sustainable school environment. the kolla school is built as a supplement to an existing school where the schoolyard serves as a linking passage and provides a creative outdoor environment. the schoolyard façades are clad with façade panels in a colourful and playful pattern, while the street facade in brick has a more sober expression to establish a close dialogue with the surrounding areas. project by  kjellgren kaminsky architecture

lacoste stevenson conceives guggenheim as giant viewmaster for helsinki. unlike many museums designed as introvert constructions that could be placed anywhere, lacoste stevenson‘s proposal for the guggenheim international competition called ‘city star’ relates intimately to the urban infrastructure

the design of the new latin american art museum (laam), miami

by fr-ee/fernando romero enterprise

the ‘community church of knarvik’, located high on a hillside in the homonymous norwegian town, has held its inaugural service. the building’s design comes from reiulf ramstad architects. their scheme, now realized, is shaped with an angular formal language, which loosely references the geometries of the region’s mountains and fjords

the ‘malaysia square’ is a public square to be located at the heart of london’s battersea power station development. designed by danish architect bjarke ingels

steven holl architects has designed an expansion to the kennedy center for the performing arts located in washington dc

cricoteca tadeusz kantor by wizja biuro architektoniczne

ph inigo bujedo aguirre


ecotone hotel in biwako – sound of wind / ryuichi ashizawa architects

portable hotel manufacturers snoozebox: the latest incarnation of their modular brand of accommodation, completed by tangerine

this hostel by a154 architects, is set in the former tabling office of ‘dagblad vooruit’ (socialist newspaper) in ghent (belgium). these premises dating from 1930 with their striking frosted glass eclectic front designed by architect brunfaut. it has been protected as a monument.

nh collection torino piazza carlina: il nuovo albergo è sito nell'edificio che nel xvii secolo ospitò il regio albergo di virtù e dal 1914 al 1921 fu casa di gramsci che vi fondò il partito comunista italiano

the william hotel, new york city, by in situ design and lilian b interiors

from thailand with love

left, il nuovo centara blue marine resort and spa, phuket

right, zeavola resort, phi phi island


le trottole in legno disegnate da piero lissoni  per festeggiare il natale e dare l’avvio alle celebrazioni per i 90 anni del marchio porro

 console by xavier lust,

at nilufar gallery, miami beach, usa

cabinet by spazio pontaccio, milano

wallpaper by federico pepe, le dicatateur



marking the first installment of bentley elements, italian artist massimo uberti celebrates the car company’s commitment to craftsmanship and innovation with ‘the element of light’, presented at design miami

interior brand lane launch six new colour ways for their ‘twin tone’ lampshade in partnership with british paint brand little greene.

lamps luceplan at 100% original design, maxxi, rome


denise bonapace e lorenza daverio, tramare

galleria di arte moderna di genova nervi

plasticarium art & design atomium museum, bruxelles



glass cube by ron gilad

molteni rinnova il suo headquarter nel polo produttivo di giussano

bla station e zero showroom



reluct turns 24 iconic nike shoes into abstract photography series


per il progetto di riqualificazione urbana volto a rivitalizzare il centro di blaibach, in germania, l'architetto peter haimerl ha progettato un volume rettangolare rivestito in pietra locale per una sala da concerto

auditorium by planet 3 studios architecture, mumbai, india

in budapest, hungary, gerg%u0151 batizi-pócsi and péter batizi-pócsi of batlab have constructed a project called ‘youth to youth’, an apartment for a young couple with zigzagging light ribbon



profiling books

renato d'agostin, acrobats, nomadic editions

in collaboration with mc2gallery milan and mondo galeria madrid

hollywood in the 30s, edizioni taschen

et caetera

gray malin frames a flock of rainbow-colored sheep for the dream series

sunflower solar panels provide electricity & heat to remote locations

skateboarding fruits veggies by benoit jammes coast through the kitchen

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