carnet de notes 275

golden globe per il miglior film drammatico, boyhood. il cast e il regista richard linklater

carnet de notes 275

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine



panama, i tessuti ricamati

playa del carmen e riviera maya, petit lafitte best resort


the entrance to the russian national pavilion at this year's world expo will be sheltered beneath a 30-metre-long cantilevered canopy that visitors can walk on. a team led by russian architect sergei tchoban has developed a pavilion intended to celebrate russian engineering

the brief of carlo bailey’s ‘antifragile’ project at columbia university’s gsapp was to design a pilot factory for ecovative, a company that develops biomaterials from natural growth processes. at three different scales, the project seeks to provide the framework for a circular economy within the brand’s business model and to hedge the risks associated with rising commodity prices and resource depletion

elevated two meters above a typical greek high-rise, this proposed urban hut allows its occupants to contemplate the city from a different viewpoint. designed by panos dragonas and varvara christopoulou


the minister of antiquities has announced a new discovery of an old kingdom tomb in abusir for a queen who wasn't known before called "khentkaus III" during the excavations of the czech institute of egyptology

the aztec sun stone, the colossal monument that synthesizes the astronomical knowledge that the mexica society developed, was fortuitously found on december 17th, 1790

hotels, restaurants and bars

located at esporte clube pinheiros in the city of são paulo, the project for a japanese restaurant is located in a small strip of land between a walking mall and the lake club, originally there was a kiosk for contemplation of the lake. project by mass arquitetura, norea de vitto

piccole finestre triangolari forano il tetto multiforme del ristorante italiano l’angolino a tatebayashi nella prefettura di gunma in giappone, project by geneto architects

reddot hotel, taichung city, taiwan, is the transformation of a thirty-five year old hotel formerly the galaxy hotel. the building was reconstructed and got rebirth. project by steven wu wang pe-jen. interior design team: steven wu, michael hsu, lin yu-hsuan


cork elements for the table by amorin

design, from top left clockwise: par by nendo; furo by fernando brìzio; aro by miguel vieira baptista; gelo by felipe alar cao

why not?  peddy mergui imagines (from top left, clockwise)

if nike sold oranges, louis vuitton salami, ferrari pasta and  gucci pickles


‘lamp neo-n’ by atelier dsgn is a minimalist lighting fixture that presents a distorted version of a single fluorescent tube

studio meraldirubini have designed the rumbles, a collection of 3 lamps that were created using 3d printers

taking inspiration from the moon’s crater-filled surface, constantin bolimond designed a concept lamp called armstrong light trap. remove whichever cylinders you want to reveal more light


tsara, a undp (united nations development programme) and unido (united nations industrial development organization) are the funded projects aiming to revitalize the malagasy creative industry


jen stark makes the walls melt with color at miami international airport


gemelli ippocampo by britishbox, di silver sterling smaltati a mano


the "queen"

tutte le scarpe di carrie, carrie's shoes


catapult, magic shadows:  il viaggio incantato nella terra delle ombre


nemeton magazine


left, ilaria guidantoni, marsiglia algeri, viaggio al chiaro di luna

right, emilio battisti, ritrarre ritratto autoritratto

cherubino gambardella, supernapoli, architettura per un'altra città

mariangela rossi, dillo con un profumo, guida alla scelta della fragranza ideale

tea editore,


rodrigo bueno cultivates botanical life within nature-filled furniture


sopra il sotto – tombini art raccontano la città cablata

una mostra open air di 24 tombini ideati dai protagonisti della mioda italiana

un progetto di metroweb, da un’idea di monica nascimbeni, con il patrocinio del comune di milano, in collaborazione con la camera nazionale della moda italiana e in partnership con oxfam italia

et caetera

viktorija pashuta imagines if men were social media networks

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