carnet de notes 292

left, andrey zvyagintsev, leviathan

right, ruben ostlund, forza maggiore

carnet de notes 292

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


parigi, paris. lungo i 1.910 metri degli champs-élysées passano ogni giorno 300.000 persone e ne abitano solo 82,


shigeru ban architects, together with the voluntary architects’ network (van), has announced plans to send emergency shelter, housing and other community facilitates to the victims of Nepal’s deadly April 25th earthquake. As part of a three-phase plan, shigeru ban will first delivery and assemble tents with plastic partitions acquired though donation to provide immediate shelter. A few months after, the Japanese practice will collaborate with local architects and students to build temporary housing with materials found prevalent in nepal

arches have long been used to mark the greatest achievements of roman civilization. constantine, titus and septimus severus built them to commemorate their military victories.engineers at segovia and nîmes incorporated them into their revolutionary aqueducts.and fifteen hundred years after the fall of rome, rafaelmoneo gave a modern touch to the ancient structure in mérida’s breathtaking national museum of roman art, located on the site of the former iberian outpost of emerita augusta. soaring arcades of simple, semi-circular arches merge historicity and contemporary design, creating a striking yet sensitive point of entry to the remains of one of the roman empire’s greatest cities

ritratti di architetti star by federico babina (4)

hotels, restaurants and bars

wiener gäste zimmer, wiener essig brauerei, waldgasse 3, 1100 vienna

parete vegetale by sundar italia per il ristorante tartufi&friends,

kengo kuma adorns yakitori bar with an assortment of colored cables

the milton café, elwood, australia by biasoldesign studio

cut architectures have designed a new location of pny, a hamburger restaurant in the marais neighbourhood of paris, france,


1945 bruno munari alarm clock, called l’ora x, which had rotating half-discs instead of hands. it was produced in multiples in 1963

plug e taco by lanzavecchia wai for cappellini,

left, hering berlin collection

right, studio dessuant bone designed a family of tableware, called fasted, that is stripped completely of its functions. the non-functional series is made out of blue metal wire showing the outlines of each piece, alluding to volume

left, il lanciatore di coltelli by nicola gironda for lando


right, little gerla by paolo ulian & moreno ratti,

left, design steve baines & eliza frickers

right, design studio’s tonella chair for sancal


left, emmanuelle moureaux has completed a vibrant indoor playground for the young children in ibaragi prefecture in japan

right, project by piet hein eek, mavalex, chalai, france

left, villa d'adda, italy. project by gianluca gelmini

right, scaloro, helical staircase by carlo caretta for rizzi


standard millefeuille en l'air grandallume by barda

yoy light by yoy for innermost

lamps stupa by freshnet for innermost,

 pendant lamps by lolli e mammoli


lori nix, the power of nature, stiftung museum schloss moyland


golden by el-anatsui, venice biennale

hense has just completed a large mural in northam, western australia


chiharu shiota weaves an immersive labyrinth of keys and yarn. the installation seeks to explore the notion of memory, using tens of thousands of keys collected from people across the globe in its realization. at venice art biennale


teresa cinque, déjà-vu, tessuto su parete, galleria effearte, milan

stigma by elmgreen & dragset at massimo de carlo gallery, milan

anish kapoor, mostra personale, galleria continua, san gimignano

fausto salvi at spring masters, new york

antony gormley, forte del belvedere, florence


misha handmadewallpaper at dimore studio


left, sitap

right, minale maeda for nodus

capsule collection di alessandro enriquez per illulian at biffi boutique, corso genova, milan


left, il negozio è stata un'idea del direttore artistico di sonia rykiel, julie de libran, insieme all'editore thomas lenthal e all'artista andré saraïva, ma purtroppo è temporaneo: durerà solo fino a quando sarà definita la nuova immagine per i punti vendita della casa di moda

right, dimore studio collection, milan

body ornaments

giovanni raspini, bracciale marine

et caetera

menswear dogs

menswear dog presents the new classics: fresh looks for the modern man, a guide to dressing well for each season


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