carnet de notes 296

carnet de notes 296

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


lighting up the buildings and spaces of sydney, australia, is vivid sydney, the annual light art event. the 18 day festival turns sydney into a wonderland of light art sculptures, and is the world’s largest outdoor art gallery,


wolf d. prix explains coop himmelb(l)au's design for aalborg's house of music

jad el khoury creates building-size compositions for war peace project

kolman boye architects have designed a small cottage on the island of vega in norway

when it rains, people can often be seen standing at bus stops holding umbrellas, so suppose design office created a bus stop shelter in shizuoka, japan, that is basically just that. a grouping of permanently installed umbrellas, that provide shelter from the rain

restaurants and bars

architecture firm weijenberg have worked together with chef andré chiang to create raw, a restaurant in taipei, taiwan,

conceived for the ‘ailleurs en folie milan’ event, curated by francesca sarti of arabeschi di latte, carnovsky’s ‘rgb trattoria’ spreads over 3 levels of the site. on the central background wall stands a gigantic human figure. ‘vesalio n.’ erects more than 9 meters above the ground, dominating the space and revealing, through the application of colored lights, its muscles, skeleton and venous system,


paris studio atelier yokyok created the les voûtes filantes, or the shooting vaults – installation within the 16th-century gothic-style cloister at st. stephen's cathedral in cahors, south-west france


from top, clockwise

multipurpose unit by david adjaye

steel sniper, coffee table by david adjaye

ulla, dining chair with armlets by william sawaya

cartoon-p, armchair by william sawaya

pont des artistes, dining table by william sawaya

tavolo clay by marc krusin for desalto,

left, ronan & erwan bouroullec articulate cloud vases as organic black stains

 right, taking its design cues from the morbid habit of smoking, ash tray skully by christian sjostrom modifies the critical accessory for smoking into a symbol of death

left, moon, sottopentola in marmo con dosa spaghetti disegnato da manuel barbieri per scandola marmi,

right, joy steak by agatha ruiz de la prada for palazzetti,


left, caravaggio matt by cecilie manz

center, calabash by komplot design

right, lamp orient, finnish design shop

millefeuille iris


mazar-i-sharif, north afghanistan, november 2001 by james hill

james hill, between war and peace, the lumières brothers center for phography


zanotta celebra carlo mollino

paper tea house by shigeru ban, nilufar gallery, design miami/basel

“taste sicily!" da slobs casa

edra, fetishism. obsession in fashion & design, museo trapholt,


elena carozzi, natura libera, antonia jannone gallery


milano mia di elda cerchiari necchi, a cura di chiara rosati, ed. polaris le stelle

pompei, la fotografia. electaphoto,

left, maarten van aalderen, the beauty of italy, the belpaee as seen by foreign press correspondents, albeggi edizioni

right, stefano bucci, i veri amori sono diversi, quando una coppia (gay) ha il coraggio di sposarsi, ed. gli specchi marsilio


left, rajmahal by missoni

right, human circle collection by studio veneziano for nodus rug,


icon rug tiles by claesson koivisto rune for kasthall,


bruno parise è un marchio che nasce a marostica, vicenza. produce borse e altro con gli antichi telai a pedale del 1700

et caetera

deep within the dense, forested landscape of bristol’s leigh woods, luke jerram has installed a surreal and poetic vision for park visitors to experience. passersby and excursionists may be surprised to encounter a small fleet of abandoned fishing boats, sitting amongst the trees and surrounding environment

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