carnet de notes 298


ozu yasujiro, tokyo story

carnet de notes 298

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


cina, kirghizistan e pakistan – karakorum highway

arena di verona


foster partners has won planning permission to realize the new yuexiu international financial city in wuhan, china

left, "park for the people" project led by valleycrest design group, features buildings designed by semple brown and s.a. miro, bringing a new park aesthetic and environmental sustainability to the united arab emirates,

right, shigeru ban’s latticed oita prefectural art museum opens in japan,

house of memory, milano / baukuh

nevsehir bus terminal, turkey/ bahadir kul architects


casa torre by alessandro marchelli


left and center, table joy and bombo by aldo cibic for paola c

right, table joy by matteo cibic for paola c,

left, appendiabiti/séparé by vera&kyte for opinion ciatti

right, il tavolo glossy by lapo ciatti for opinion ciatti,

left, british designer charlotte kingsworth has created slashed, a sofa and ottoman that appear like they have been slashed with a knife

right, samuel accoceberry, kristiane hink create porcelain stoneware wood collection,

tipi with battle pictures

left, matite perpetua, composte all'80% di grafite riciclata

right, two young swiss designers launched a collective called superlife. their be ready collection performs double duty during a natural disaster. poumon is a pen holder that also contains a filter to allow you to breathe in case of a fire or dust cloud

emilio nanni’s new spy chair for billiani,

gallery all at design miami/basel 2015, brass split chair | brass collection, 2014
designed by zhoujie zhang,

hotels et restaurants

left, waldhotel healthy living by matteo thun and partners

right, floating hotel with catamaran apartments by salt & water

hotel lantern, kuala lumpur. project by zlgdesign

left, cassina contract worked with the studio marco piva in refurbishing the excelsior gallia hotel in milano

right, binario 11 by andrea langhi design, milano


kentucky flood by margaret bourke-white

margaret bourke-white (june 14, 1904 – august 27, 1971)

"il vento fa il suo giro" e "come può uno scoglio arginare il mare"

una mostra de ”i libri bianchi" di lorenzo perrone si terra' nel borgo ligure di montemarcello ( la spezia) dal 18 luglio al 6 settembre 2015

xiao zhu uses factory smoke to illustrate dangers of air pollution

lorenzo vitturi, cna centre national de l'audiovisuel,

left, cuba expired by werner pawlok at lumas, milano,,

right, french artist didier faustino is staging a month-long performance around havana's modernist school of ballet, the building that was designed by italian architect vittorio garatti following cuba's revolution in the 1950s as part of the wider campus for the national art schools. the brick and vaulted-tile structure was never completed due to economic repercussions of the 1962 cuban missile crisis,


left, barbara kasten, architectural site 19

right, emma white untitled from option paralysis, 2015, at stills gallery


maurizio nannucci al maxxi,

giorgia zanellato designs experimental neon mirage collection

galleria luisa delle piane, milano

et caetera

green ghost town: nature overtakes an abandoned chinese village

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