carnet de notes 308

carnet de notes 308

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


in more ways than one, “airline visual identity, 1945-1975” (callisto publishing) is a hefty piece of work, landing at 430 pages, weighing 14 pounds and selling for $400. But the true size of its ambition is how it reveals the optimism of the jet age through nearly 400 posters and images from airlines like pan am, twa, and united, evoking a time now seen as the golden age of flying


rotated on its axis, the industrial shipping container becomes the perfect form for a massive, ready-made periscope. while that idea might not be first in everyone’s head, it certainly was for someone in the multi-faceted team of pedro barata & architectural associates

yod studio designed relax park verholy to be just that place.located in the poltava region, ukraine, the hotel is surrounded by a lush pine forest that offers a relaxing reprieve from the hustle and bustle,

the designers and engineers at studio roosegaarde, together with environmental nano solutions and university researcher bob ursem, have recently launched the “smog free project” in rotterdam, the netherlands


casa giuseppe mazzotti at the guggenheim museum, installation view of "italian futurism, 1909–1944: reconstructing the universe" at the guggenheim, 2014

lycsarchitecture have designed campus hong kong, a shared apartment created specifically for students,

bars and restaurants

pasticceria marchesi, via montenapoleone, milano

left, d'espresso, new york


right, raw trader, melbourne, by studio y

left, la dolça of tickets, barcellona, by el equipo creativo


right, power to the people!, una revisión irónica del arte contemporáneo por julio falagán


dietro la cortina di ferro, 20 anni in bianco e nero. una mostra fotografica per scoprire la cecoslovacchia dal 1969 al 1989

centro ceco, milano


takto, l’orologio in cristallo by teckell

giorgio bonaguro created the ‘medusa’ fruitbowl with natural dynamism of jellyfish in mind

left, nendo at spazio pontaccio, milano,


right, x-ray sofa by alain gilles for la chance,

left and center, ruban, mirrors for hay by inga sempé


right, cheng-tsung feng reinterprets traditional taiwanese craftsmanship

left, umbrella infuser by ototo weather storms in a cup


right,  designed by taiwan’s studio biaugust, the ‘rubber band’ appears to bend under the force of the elastic bands


informed by the critical environmental problems that plague many parts of the african landscape, photographer fabrice monteiro, costume designer doulsy (jah gal) and the ecofund organization have collaborated on a harrowing series of photographs to visually represent the urgent ecological issues

the ‘double happiness‘ project reorganizes public functions that do not fit within the home, aiming to improve social density, diversity and quality of life. the temporary exhibition during bjdw 2015 will open the existing neglected space in tiaozhou hutong no.8 in dashilar to the public

hula paints a floating female on a sunken ship in hawaii while surfboarding

in april 2016, south african artist william kentridge will unveil “triumphs and laments,” a 550-meter (~1,804 feet) frieze along the embankment of rome’s tiber river

body ornaments

gioielli di gusto at palazzo morando, milano, until 8 december

a cura di maria canella, mara cappelletti, mariateresa chirico, anty pansera

allestimento by alejandro ruiz


giulia madiai, tracce transumanti at fofu 2015


in june of 1699, a 52-year-old maria sibylla merian departed on a cargo ship for south america’s suriname with only her 22-year-old daughter dorothea maria for company. it was a hundred years ahead of alexander von humboldt‘s more famed travels, and not an era in which many german women worked outside the home, let alone took solo natural history expeditions. merian was interested in one thing: butterflies. not just their beauty, but their whole life cycle, from caterpillar to chrysalis to winged insect

left, bill powers, the unknown masterpiece, covers painted by george condo

right, michal ajvaz, l'altra praga


applique moto by jean-baptiste fastrez for moustache

et caetera

sam kaplan builds food pits and pyramids with candies, cookies tea cakes

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