carnet de notes 310


xavier giannoli, maguerite

carnet de notes 310

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


mahila bag jhalra, jodhpur, gujarat, india

for the past four years, journalist victoria lautman has been photographing an overlooked feature of indian architectural history: the stepwell,


abin’s approach was to create a graphical screen of symbols, alphabets, and numbers, and plaster it across the entirety of the school. in total, there is 488 panels — made of fibre-reinforced plastic — that measure 3.2×3.2 meters each

jean nouvel has won approval for "tours duo" in paris. the mixed-use project, planned to rise on a former industrial site on the edge of the seine in the paris rive gauche district, aims to become a "top business real estate destination" and neighborhood amenity

mvrdv envisions the future of the hutong during beijing design week 2015,

foster partners has been shortlisted among 30 other finalists in the 3d printed habitat challenge organized by america makes and nasa. the proposal calls for a 3d printed settlement built by pre-programmed, semi-autonomous robots who use regolith found on mars' surface to construct dwellings that can house up to four astronauts each


mamu è un nuovo grande negozio milanese: 340 mq. in porta rRomana, a due passi dal centro. ma non è solo un negozio: è uno spazio versatile dedicato alla conoscenza, alla divulgazione, alla fruizione, alla condivisione della musica classica: qui circoleranno testi, spartiti, strumenti, contenuti, fermenti; qui potranno ritrovarsi gli studenti, gli appassionati, i professionisti della musica

new aesop store brera, piazza del carmine corner

hotels, restaurants and bars

aman resorts


 bruno di bello, frattali e altro, fondazione marconi, 17 nov. to 23 gennaio

we the people, natalia zourabov at the israel museum


british furniture brand efasma, launched its first collection, designed by bureau de change. the collection of tables and chairs are designed with notches in them, for the chairs to sit in when not in use,

body ornaments

arcangelo bungaro, bijoux & gioielli at slobs, milano


richard silver has captured the beauty of new york's churches unlike any other. by seamlessly stitching together a series of composite images from each location, silver has created a stunning set of vertical panoramas that reveal the interiors of new york's most impressive religious structures


pochettes by daniela vanni

et caetera

this (terrifying) 300-meter-long bridge is the first in china to be made of all glass. suspended 180-meters above ground between two cliffs at hunan's shiniuzhai national geological park, the haohan qiao – brave men's bridge – was originally meant to be wood, before being constructed with 24mm thick glass that is 25 times stronger than normal

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