carnet de notes 312


stefano sollima, suburra

carnet de notes 312

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


stonehenge restored


the chapel on the hill by evolution design, forest in teesdale uk

the icon by jacson clements burrows, melbourne, australia

paramount theater,brooklyn, ny, 2008. 4,124 seats, opened (1928), hosted artists such as dukeellington, ella fitzgerald, miles davis, liberace and frank sinatra, closed (1962), used as gymnasium by long island university (from 1962). ph yves marchand and romain meffre

stufish entertainment architects have recently completed the dai show theatre, in xishuangbanna, china, that will become home to a permanent water acrobatics show

left, architect and engineer, werner sobek, is urging cities to become emissions-free by the year 2020 – for all cars and buildings to be entirely powered by renewable energy

right, basra, located on the southeast of iraq, is known as the city that proudly showcases the country’s achievements to the rest of the world. to emphasize on this, ambs architects have envisioned a gravity defying gateway for basra, where visitors are greeted by a grand entrance of suspended preponderant ocular arches, connected by bridges


adjaye's double zero range of chairs for moroso,

as part of beijing design week, sebastian loaiza of spark has designed the janzi box, a pavilion in sangingguan square, thet features 15.000 weighted shuttlecocks

customize bike wheels with an led display kit from balight

otto objects by roula nassar


lampade umberto riva da antonia jannone disegni di architettura dal 17/11

la lampada lem, originariamente prodotta in una resina semitrasparente da francesconi e poi rieditata da fontanaarte nel 1991 con il nome dilem, nella versione proposta ora ha il diffusore, orientabile, in due colori opachi – verde acqua e arancione – ed è disponibile in due modelli: a morsetto e con piantana

w153 ile for wästberg now available, by inga sempé,


il 17 ottobre, a 30 anni dall’avvio si inaugura a gibellina
il grande cretto di burri finalmente completato

a japanese artist that goes by the name riu, has been creating intricate pieces of artwork using the technique of papercutting


for the december 2015 of ligature journal, photographers enrico becker and matt harris take a playful, and somewhat eerie, look at the future of genetically modified food. the images that comprise the editorial feature puzzle the senses, showing real fruit with monochromatic, pastel tones swapped with their usual, natural ones. the style of still-life presents the edible vegetation simply and clearly, showing the pigmented parts contrasted against their normal colors. opening an avocado reveals a milky blue interior, rather than the dark green hue we’re all accustomed to; orange paint lines the exterior skin of kiwis; bananas are colorized in a hot pink tone, instead of yellow. each of the fruits are stamped directly with a barcode, furthering the impression of a potential future of genetically altered foods,

cioccolato la molina


jennifer angus wallpapers renwick gallery with a pattern of 5,000 exotic bugs,

hotels, restaurants and bars

 botanique hotel and spa, candida tabet arquitetura, sao carlos, brazil,

mandarin oriental, marrakech

ho hai tran documents the second lives of pizza hut restaurants


left, nendo packages kenzo’s latest fragrance as monolithic totem poles,

center and right, oudpalao by diptyque

et caetera

eric pickersgill removes smartphones to show our extreme device addiction

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