carnet de notes 322

la isla mìnima, un film di alberto rodriguez

carnet de notes 322

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


cina e armenia


santiago calatrava is celebrating the opening of the museu do amanhã (the museum of tomorrow) in rio de janeiro,

amsterdam-based architecture studio bureau sla teamed up with the crystal workers of leerdam to shape a glass dome for ‘fort asperen‘, a museum in the netherlands dedicated to contemporary art,

architecture firm encore heureux, have designed the circular pavilion, a temporary building in paris, made with recycled materials

left, 42mm architecture were asked by their clients to create an extension to their home in new delhi, india, that would include a home theatre, lounge, pool area, changing room and gym. ph ravi kanade

right, oslo studios koreo arkitekter and kolab arkitekter have transformed an old boathouse on norway's west coast into a summerhouse that becomes a glowing beacon by night,

left, architects: studio gaon, location: seongbuk-dong, seongbuk-gu, seoul, south korea, ph youngchae park

right, architects: christian wassmann, location: 4225 royal palm ave, miami beach, fl 33140, usa, ph todd eberle

artist anastasia savinova travels the world and takes a little piece of each place with her. whether it’s the cities’ architecture, local flavor, bars, shops, flea markets, or every day life, anastasia looks for a commonality in every place of habitation and captures it through pictures. she is searching for that city’s “genius loci”— their distinct atmosphere or protective spirit of a place

when the central library in madison, wisconsin underwent a major renovation a few years ago, meyer, scherer & rockcastle architecture included these reading caves in their design for the renewed space,


beauty salon, architects: mel, location: almaty, kazakhstan, ph pavel chaunin


nils holger moormann designed the abgemahnt to be your best friend, letting you take it to all of your favorite places. with the metal hoop on top, you can easily move it to wherever you need it

berlin-based british designer ewan cashman has designed a lamp, inspired by the wooden toys that his mother used to make in his childhood

left, bergère by de rucci

right, divano tète-à-tète by promemoria


dan corson transforms dreary underpasses into interactive gateways in san jose

p-cube temporary pavilion in moscow, russia, designed by marcos zotes with music by pixelord


gabriele basilico, beirut 2011

steve mc curry


paolo aldi, pellegrinaggio civile della pace

left, cristina morozzi, terrific fashion, ed. 24 ore cultura

center, attilio brilli, all'epoca del grand tour, viaggiatori stranieri lungo le vie consolari, fotografie di andrea samaritani, minerva edizioni,

right, silvia vaccari, l'imperatrice, fazi editore


a neglected and previously underutilized part of skopje, the capital of the republic of macedonia, now hosts an open structure built to welcome both locals and visitors, host events and talks, and serve as a recreational space for both individuals and large gatherings. ‘nautilus’ has been realized by ten — a zurich-based association of creatives — and local studio city creative network (ccn) — a platform for young professionals to collaborate in public spaces,    ph joel tettamanti,

luckey climbers construct specialized playground structures for children. with commissioned projects located in singapore and switzerland, each scheme works with height and is supported by a netting system; this allows the children to clamber up, while visually exploring their surrounding landscape.     ph andrew laker


michael young at grand hornu, until 29/01/2016

rosamaria rinaldi. mondi sovrapposti, ad gallery anna deplano, 21-26/01,

et caetera

orbit clock by natasha kwok

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