carnet de notes 351

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carnet de notes 351

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine

ph fausto giaccone, elaborazione manfredi bellati


panoramica della malga nella carnia

left, salisburgo, austria,

right, norvegia,,





a city is an interplay of spatial and programmatic multiplicities irreducible to any one single component but together defining what a city is or can be. the vision for the civic centre at the australian city of ryde is one of functional, natural and topological synthesis. bringing together natural space, civic functions, and the public realm was a major part of eureka’s architectural proposal

le groupe pasteur Mutualité a fait appel à philippe starck pour construire un bâtiment “solidaire à intérêt réciproque”, la villa m, comme médecine, mutualisme, mouvements, mutations, mixité, mieux-être, mieux-vivre… qui sera réalisé par le bureau d’architectes triptyque

    surrounded by a hemlock forest in quebec, canada, is a cabin for a couple of young professionals and their two children. designed by jean verville, the cabin is tucked away into a slightly sloped lot. ph maxime brouillet

il castello di chillon e la sue prigioni

le château de farcheville qui appartient à un propriétaire privé est situé dans l’essone (ile de france, france). le château a été édifié entre 1290 et 1304 pour hugues II de bouville et d’autres périodes de construction ont eu lieu au XVème, XVIème et au XVIIème siècle. ph fabrice dunou




toiletpaper with gufram seletti install inflatable golden eiffel tower at galeries lafayette in paris,,

the form and function of the installation draw on the breadth and openness of the wadden landscape. the installation takes place in the context of ‘leeuwarden 2018’ (cultural capital) and ‘sense of place’. it aims to travel along the wadden over the next four years. at each location, a connection will be sought between the sand flats, the sun, and the horizon with the illuminated points of the compass and the tide

following in the footsteps of xavier veilhan, daniel buren and dan graham, felice varini goes face-to-face with le corbusier’s architecture at mamo, the art centre created by ora ito on the roof terrace of cité radieuse in marseille,

hotels et restaurants

changing tower hill's heartbeat, citizenm's new flagship hotel in london

designed by the amsterdam-based creatives of concrete,


magazzini coin

new aquário table, by fernando and humberto campana for bd barcelona

servizio da caffé melone di augarten porzellan, design del 1919 di josef hoffmann

baleri italia hub design, collezione segno project a b annalisa dominoni e benedetto quaquaro


designed by maria novozhilova, these tetrahedron-shaped lamps use led technology to create a warm ambiance. the thin frame of the lamp holds each engraved piece of plastic that features abstract drawings referencing city capitals


the world’s first rose museum has been completed in beijing, china. the museum, designed by next architects, aims to blend history and modernity with art and architecture. ph xiao kaixiong

the manoir de ban, charlie chaplin’s last residence by the edge of lake geneva in the beautiful vaudois riviera. charlie spent twenty five very happy years here, sharing a cozy family existence alongside his wife, oona, and their eight children. and it is this life “amidst souvenirs and dreams” that the museum is celebrating


georgia o’keeffe, jimson weed/white flower No. 1, 1932, fondazione merz, torino

c s architects installs suspended red walkway at the venice architecture biennale


from top left, clockwise

the diy pikkpack sandal draws upon hungarian shoe making traditions

philippe starck reimagines footwear design for brazilian shoe brand ipanema

espadrilles by castaner


ljubrodag andric 2008-2016, a cura di demetrio paparoni, triennale di milano, 3 agosto  – 24 settembre 2016

du 2 juillet 2016 au 8 janvier 2017, la fondation cartier pour l’art contemporain présente le grand orchestre des animaux, une exposition inspirée par l’œuvre de bernie krause, musicien et bioacousticien américain

larinascente presenta “quando a milano pascolavano i mammut”, larinascente / techno souq,  fino al 1 agosto 2016

et caetera

at the theme park ark encounter, which opened last week in williamstown, kentucky, thousands of visitors can step inside a recreation of noah’s ark—built to spec as detailed in the bible. inside, exhibits attempt to explain how two of each animal might have fit on the boat, while visitors can pick up souvenirs at the gift shop or eat at a 700-person restaurant on the ship

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