carnet de notes 350


carnet de notes 350

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine

ph fausto giaccone, elaborazione manfredi bellati


luci del nord. il grande baltico. lettonia, lituania, estonia, finlandia




new australian embassy in jakarta,, project denton corker marshall, ph john gollings

international architecture studio oma have put forward their proposal for the lucas cultural arts museum (lcam) to be sited in chicago, america. the museum will be dedicated to the art anddesign of storytelling through a combination of three collections: illustration and storytelling art; digital art and art in motion—complemented by educational and outreach programs.

     home made, projects for refugee camp in vienna by caramel architekten         ph paul kranzler, matthias cremer





the “lingenhel opening” marks the completion of destilat’s most important project in recent times. this project is very unique and was therefore quite an extraordinary challenge for an interior design firm such as destilat. the visual and spatial identity for johann lingenhel’s culinary-gastronomic vision was developed from scratch for this project, since no corresponding definition of it existed initially. ph monika mguyen

collezione back to the future by studio dimore collection, milano e firenze

boutique uomo giorgio armani venezia, ph beppe raso


teatro metaphora, a non-profit organization created by a group of friends who want to change the world by promotion of ecological well-being and responsible usage of materials, created this colorful light installation using 133 old washing machine drums

hotels et restaurants

the floating hotel, named off, lies on the river seine on a purpose-built barge, and has all the amenities that a normal hotel has

gli uffici di hostelworld a dublino, società che detiene la leadership a livello mondiale nel settore delle piattaforme per la prenotazione di ostelli. projects henry j. lyons architects, arredi viccarbe,



kitchen utensils, stainless steel and plastic. andrea ponti for ommo

seduta telo lounge by sebastian herkner for cappellini,


spyre, la nuova lampada in edizione limitata disegnata da ron arad per ingo maurer,

la start up italiana deslabs ha disegnato wineoled, una nuova lampada in hi-macs dedicata ai sommelier e agli  amanti del vino. wineoled illumina il calice e il suo contenuto per analizzarne le proprietà,

ini archibong, laureato presso l’art center college of design di pasadena e l’ecal di losanna, ha aperto un proprio studio di progettazione nel 2010

macbeth is a minimal design created by san francisco-based designer kebei li. the light is a cost-effective task lamp that features a sliding fresnel lens module for precision beam angle control that was inspired by theatrical lighting


korean artist yeesookyung  produces imperfect sculptures, bulbous yet elegant works composed from mismatched porcelain. the series, titled “translated vase,” was first inspired by the korean artisan tradition of destroying porcelain works that are not deemed pristine, and she has continued to make the fused pieces since 2001. intrigued by these tossed aside works and shards, yee began saving fragmented tea cups and pots rejected by contemporary masters tracing each crevice in 24-karat gold leaf in the style of japanese kintsugi


bikkenbergs men show at piscina caimi/fondazione pier lombardo

matteo cibic disegna per o bag il nuovo zaino one, facendo propri i core value del brand, unicità e componibilità, e interpretandoli con il suo talento visionario,


ph sven everaert

catherine nelson's labyrinth landscapes submerge viewers in a fictional flood of flora each of the artist's carefully-constructed photographs comprises countless images painstakingly pieced together over the course of several months

since 2005, artist lori nix and partner kathleen gerber have been producing dioramas that depict post-apocalyptic environments, everyday scenes that give the audience a glimpse of their world once nature has been left to take over. nearly everything within the scenes is fabricated by the two under the name nix gerber


the rolling stones, ono arte contemporanea, bologna

the exhibition was formulated by textile designer margrethe odgaard who states that ‘reform is an opportunity to rewind in a business with a lot of fast forward. any given object with a story can be reformed

et caetera

lithuanian artist severija Incirauskait%u0117-kriaunevicien%u0117 uses cross-stitch embroidery to soften metal objects that seem materially opposed to the craft, having previously worked with car doors, spoons, pots, pans, and shovels

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