carnet de notes 375

carnet de notes 375

by paolo rinaldi,


bam– biennale arcipelago mediterraneo, un festival di teatro, musica e arti visive dedicato ai popoli e alle culture dei paesi che si affacciano sul mare. fino al 12 marzo: benetton collection, wael shawky nella chiesa dei ss. euno e giuliano e a palazzo branciforte,  rotte mediterranee, l’esposizione delle collezioni imago mundi presso lo zac, contemporary artists from sicily

set within a district of victorian industrial buildings, the toronto light festival is a free 45-day festival occurring during this year’s winter months as a way to creatively draw the city’s inhabitants out of their homes. featuring 21 diverse light installations built by local and international artists and thousands of glowing bulbs, the festival covers a total of 13 acres in the city’s distillery district. Installations range from a series of lit figures appearing to jump from the roof of one of the historic building

aerial view taken on january 18, 2017 with a drone shows the marienburg castle near pattensen, northern germany, standing amidst a snow-covered forest. ph julian stratenschulte/dpa/afp



while new technologies and visionary philanthropists are exploring the possibilities of colonizing distant planets, randolph hencken, executive director of the seasteading institute, is looking to inhabit one of the earth’s less-considered frontiers: the ocean. recently, the government of french polynesia has agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding to allow one of the first floating cities to be constructed in the open waters near the south pacific islands, with the goal of having a fully functioning and inhabited community by 2020

50 miles west of los angeles, where malka architecture has opened its new studio, this proposed residence is embedded into the steep cliffs of point mugu. the scheme — titled ‘mugu house’ — takes advantage of the site’s steep topography with a design that sits lightly on the landscape

architect christophe benichou has projected a cubic small scale structure balancing upon the precipice of pic-saint-loup. aptly named tip-box, the fictional project was originally conceived for a soon-to-be 30-year-old friend of benichou’s. the space is intended to serve as an outpost for contemplation and rest for hikers in the mountains of montpellier

waveon café is located on a hill overlooking the beach shore of gijang. by including the panoramic view of the seashore as a main feature in this project, hee soo kwak from idmm architects reveals how one can grasp the relationship between a natural scenery and architecture

unlike the hierarchical structure of the siheyuan, individual residences within the tulou were divided equally. in 2008, 46 tulous were designated as unesco world heritage sites because of their peaceful unity of defensive and residential architecture

the world’s first 3D printed pedestrian bridge has been constructed in the the urban park of castilla-la mancha, a sparsely populated area of alcobendas, madrid. the footbridge has been developed by the institute advanced architecture of catalonia (iaac)


teepee room


giardino barbarigo pizzoni ardemani, valsanzibio

hotels, restaurants and bars

nasce a milano il primo lifestyle hotel europeo della leonardo hotels, che contamina gli spazi interni con opere d’arte. da etnik a joys, coinvolti 13 street artist italiani. ph marco curatolo

paco de vitorino hotel, project prod arquitectura & design, vitorino das donas, portugal, ph joao morgado

the finnish institute of culture in paris has been transformed into a hotel. designed by linda bergroth, koti— meaning ‘home’ in finnish — celebrates the shared experience of a summer-cottage sleepover in finland. the living pop-up installation is comprised of six cottages. ph james hart (horizon studios),

bar in cekia. project mjolk arkitekti. ph boys play nice


the museum of second world war is pictured on january 29, 2017 during the preview days ahead of the offical opening planned for the end of february in gdansk, poland. poles on sunday got their first — and possibly last — glimpse of a new museum of the second world war, a project slammed by poland's right-wing government as underplaying the country's harrowing wartime fate. design by the 'kwadrat' architectural team. ph wojtek radwansky/afp

new in travel: the best new openings of 2017, l’elenco delle 10 migliori nuove aperture previste nei prossimi mesi in giro per il mondo. al primo posto il museum of the american revolution – mar, che sarà inaugurato il 19 aprile. il mar ospiterà esibizioni permanenti e temporanee così come esperienze multimediali. si potrà inoltre ammirare la tenda originale utilizzata dal generale george washington come quartier generale e abitazione durante la guerra d’Indipendenza


turkish ceramic artist aylin bilgiç created a serie of ceramic bowls that look like a splash of liquid frozen in time. each bowl is made of porcelain and is finished by dipping the rim in gold

the mellow collection by korean design studio hattern expresses a variety of situations that stimulate the optical realm — a sense that strongly responds to light

piatto rossopeperoni by taitù

tiffany tree by studio job


elena salmistraro's playful ape-like creatures for bosa,

los angeles-based architect dan brunn, who we just recently featured, launched a modern bench that was inspired by his own personal painting entitled “two bodies.” the bold abstract work translated flawlessly to the open slat hedy bench with its hand painted graphic appearing on the top and down one side


left, the balance table lamp, designed by victor castanera for manufacturer oblure, is a lamp that creates a look of balance between dark and light, and black and white,

right, new soft colours for the digit art light by emanuel babled

left, designer arihiro miyake has created the kepler pendant lamp for italian lighting manufacturer nemo, that features an endless line made from aluminum. the endless line was created using the arithmetic of the moebius strip and a 3 dimensional deformation process when extruding the aluminum. ph michele branca and piero fasanotto|cube photo production,

right, una corolla di luce morbida e atemporale: la lampada tulip, realizzata in hi-macs, è un tributo al mondo dei fiori, tra emozione e tecnologia. desig pierre cabrera

the studio has its origins in an encounter between a visual artist/silversmith (bardula) and an architect/scenographer in paris. their work reflects the former’s passion for geometric abstraction and investigations into weightlessness and transparency, and the latter’s fascination with new technologies, in particular 3d and light

elementi in cartone ecosostenibili

camisa 11 design is a young, creative and dynamic company which combines their eco-friendliness with a specific functionality and a high level of design

austrian design studio das happy medium defines puno, its latest creation, with lots of character. conceived as both a table and wall lamp, the 3d printed product is a polygonal structure of a hand that meets the straightness of a fluorescent tube light. interestingly, the name of the lamp derives from the spanish word ‘puño’ which translates into ‘fist’


colé italian design label apre uno showroom monomarca all’interno di uno storico palazzo dell’arte, in via rossini 3, a due passi da villa necchi, nel cuore della milano liberty, accanto a pianoprimo, hands on design, urushi


sarajevo dreamy spa, project simone micheli


ludovica gioscia, the peacock stage, a cura di alberta romano, t-space, milano

the sculpture tiger and turtle, magic mountain, duisburg, western germany, kevin kurek


from top left clockwise, 4 spettacoli al teatro elfo puccini, milano

anelante, rezza e mastrella, ph giulio mazzi; prima della pensione, bucci, sgrosso, vergani, ph luca del pia; nina, ph giuseppe distefano; fratto, ph stefania saltarelli

flores & prats revitalizes historical theater building in barcelona

teatro della pergola, firenze, sala delle colonne

il teatro storico di firenze e uno dei più antichi e ricchi di storia d’europa (oltre 350 anni di storia), primo grande esempio di teatro all'italiana, apre le sue porte al pubblico ben oltre gli orari e gli spazi dello spettacolo. un’opportunità straordinaria per chi voglia respirare quell'atmosfera rarefatta, senza tempo, che si respira qui e sentirsi protagonista di un evento unico, attraversare spazi ricchi di storia e cultura, camminare su palcoscenici mitici


andrea cagnetti

past is present: revival jewelry, museum of fine arts boston, boston, massachusetts – usa (14 febbraio, 2017 – 19 agosto, 2018)

akelo – materia nova III, spazio pensilina, viterbo, italia (28 gennaio – 28 febbraio 2017)

diversi sono i motivi per cui stupisce: se il mondo fosse quadro saprei dove andare è la personale, a milano, dedicata a fausta squatriti. sicuramente per il titolo, che è una frase dell’artista stessa,  poi perché a milano  si tiene non in una, ma in tre sedi piuttosto diverse l’una dall’altra: la triennale tempio del design, le gallerie d’italia, nuovo spazio espositivo di intesa sanpaolo e la nuova galleria morone che punta sui linguaggi espressivi contemporanei

left, josé yaque, alluvione d’arno", a cura di ilaria mariotti, fino 2 aprile 2017, villa pacchiani, santa croce sull'arno, italy, david gill gallery, londra

center and right, munch before munch (l'urlo), a cura di duilio forte e giorgia marras, ono arte contemporanea, bologna, italy

ONO arte contemporanea 

misplaced, a project by tellas/ciredz, fino al 18 marzo, magma gallery


the h&m-backed fashion house ivyrevel has teamed up with google and mediamonks to push the boundaries of wearable technology to new limits. the trio have created the data dress: a personalized garment designed by collecting information from users via a smartphone app. already famous for their philosophy of merging fashion with innovative technology, swedish brand ivyrevel’s new app uses this personal information collected by google for a seemingly alternative purpose – to create bespoke dresses


fiona tan, ascent: 11 february-11 june 2017, the internationally prize-winning artist fiona tan (indonesia, 1966) is a good friend of de pont museum, where she had her first major exhibition in the netherlands in 2003. today the collection includes a broad range of her work. for her second exhibition in tilburg, the museum's recently opened new wing will be transformed into an actual movie theater. on view here is the feature-length film ascent, which tan made at the request of the izu photo museum in shizuoka, japan

lorenzo cera valla, parashoot, un diario minimo. spazio idea4mi, milano

et caetera

sam loman, underskin

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