carnet de notes 374

teruel, iglesia de san pedro, mausoleo de los amantes

carnet de notes 374

by paolo rinaldi


caravaca de la cruz, murcia  e casa amatller, barcellona, ©ente spagnolo del turismo

una spiaggia sull’isola mudhdhoo, nelle maldive, con la sabbia illuminata di blu. si tratta di un fenomeno naturale chiamato “bioluminescenza”: sulla spiaggia c’erano migliaia di fitoplacton, micoroogranismi il cui nome scientifico è lingulodinium polyedrum, che reagiscono allo stress e ai disturbi provenienti dall’ambiente circostante irradiando una luce blu fluorescente. la reazione chimica dei fitoplancton può essere provocata dalla presenza di un predatore come dalla semplice marea o lo spostamento della sabbia causato dal passaggio delle persone. ph will ho



building in shkoder, albania. project by casanova hernandez architects. ph christian richters, blerta kambo

steven holl architects has been commissioned to expand the chinpaosan necropolis situated along the coast 40 minutes outside of taipei. the leed platinum building will serve as a new arrival hall with a pavilion for 150,000 ashbox sites adding to the existing 10,000, in addition to a 21-room hotel, restaurant, ceremonial chapel, auditorium, two small museums, and an adjoining 5,000 seat amphitheater

caat studio has unveiled organizing the forgotten urban spaces, a design that revitalizes the mirdamad bridge in tehran, iran through the creation of an open anthropology museum

eataly arriva nel nordest d’italia, a trieste, nell’ex magazzino del vino, recuperato dal team di archea associati,

urbantainer extends the national theater company of korea with modulated red shipping containers

below the extraordinarily textured surface of this unique polish concert hall. the ckk jordanki (jordanki cultural and convention center) by fernando menis is located in the historical center of torun, in poland. it respects the shorter height of the surrounding buildings to preserve the views of the river and better fit the natural environment that surrounds it. the building was designed to have a more natural look, like a 'rock' that marks the transition from the urban plot to the park that surrounds it


dog beds are often an afterthought for many people when they design their interior. normally a cushioned dog bed is placed wherever there’s room, or on the odd occasion, some people go to the effort of a built-in dog bed. but when lcga design were designing the interior of this apartment, they created a piece of furniture for their clients that combines a dog bed/house, a room divider, and a side table


 mandarin oriental hotel group ha commissionato a sir peter blake, considerato il ‘padre della pop art inglese’, un collage che copre la facciata di mandarin oriental hyde park, london, durante parte del restauro dell’hotel. il collage, intitolato “our fans”, ospita 100 volti noti, da morgan freeman e helen mirren a joanna lumley e jenny packham

hotels, restaurants and bars

the m social hotel in singapore by the millennium hotels and resorts group has been designed by philippe starck. this hotel was inspired by the futuristic direction that young creative thinkers today are steering the world towards

la luce di catellani & smith risplende nel nuovo ristorante ‘casual’ di enrico bartolini, chef pluristellato. ‘casual’ è collocato ai piedi della salita panoramica di san vigilio, a bergamo in città alta

studio modijefsky have transformed what was once a former tram depot in amsterdam into a restaurant and bar named the kanarie club, that features many different zones. ph maarten willemstein,


photographer aldo amoretti captures the grounded simplicity of peter zumthor, with images of his allmannajuvet zinc mine museum in sauda, norway. the three-building campus calls upon the aesthetics of the country's abandoned zinc mines from the 1800s, evoking the toilsome labor of the workers in its rough stone and exposed joint work

chinese studio archi union has just completed the jade museum located in the heart of the pedestrian shopping district of xintiandi in shanghai, china. situated within an established structure, the architects sought out a solution to create a space that departs from the aesthetic of the host building that reflects the traditional details and style of the area

natural history museum st. gallen, switzerland. project by michael meier marius hug architekten armon semadeni architekten. ph roman keller,

museum of mechanical music, pinhal novo, portogallo. project miguel marcelino

la storia del design in mostra a torino

realizzato con l’obiettivo di promuovere la cultura del disegno industriale, il museo del design di none, alle porte di torino, è diventato negli anni un punto di riferimento per appassionati e collezionisti


panca componibile “ play wood” in cui scorre a incastro l’asse d’abete giallo sole, trattato per esterni. serralunga

serena confalonieri‘s broad-waves design gives continuity and movement to the clear lines of the inner geometries which are based on hexagonal, octagonal, square and rectangular shapes. for this project, sambonet has chosen next-generation finishes in copper, gold and hi-tech shades,

in collaboration with biologists and ecologists from the radboud university in nijmegen, diana scherer developed a growth process that causes roots to conform to a specifically-designed pattern. weaving and braiding themselves beneath the ground, the roots are then unearthed and photographed to illustrate their ornamentation

mondocleto, il design di cleto munari. vicenza, palazzo chiericati, 18/3-10/6


rubbish becomes responsible. 111 navy chair, developed with coca-cola. made from 111 recycled prt bottles. the alfi collection is designed by jasper morrison. made from 100% reclaimed waste materials


as part of the luneng sanya bay light and art festival in hainan, china, architecture and design studio brut deluxe has created an immersive light maze that surrounds visitors in a prismatic and dynamic abyss

photographer lucas zimmermann has spent more than two years capturing ordinary traffic lights with a surreal and spectral twist. by night, zimmermann takes to the sleepy streets of weimar, germany and captures the vibrant luminesce subtly emitted by the signals. intense rays of red, yellow, and green radiate through a shadowy mist, exposing the ordinary traffic light in a completely new light

multimedia design studio eness, together with designinc and cabrini hospital, have created lumis, an interactive light-emitting wood wall system at the entrance of the new pediatric’s ward of the hospital,


zim & zou have crafted a colorful paper universe for the window display of a new hermès store in dubai at the mall of the emirates. ‘forest folks’ comprises a collection of curious characters that live inside a woodland wonderland, peeking inside their habitats and homes,


disegno vs fotografia. andrea bruciati dialoga con matteo fato e rachele maistrello nell'ambito della mostra versus. la sfida dell'artista al suo modello in un secolo di fotografia e disegno, galleria civica di modena


smith & wesson di alessandro baricco, regia gabriele vacis, teatro elfo puccini

amleto die fortinbrasmaschine di e con roberto latini, teatro litta, milano


gym vanitas. ella kruglyanskaya, sant’andrea de scaphis, roma. soggetti femminili fancy e salutisti protagonisti di dipinti allestiti in una ex-chiesa di trastevere,roma/

solo figli, padiglione de l'esprit nouveau, bologna


la ricerca spaziale diventa moda. il di milano lancia la I edizione del corso di alta formazione fashion in orbit. moda, tecnologia, ispirazione spaziale proseguendo nell'esperienza insieme all’agenzia spaziale europea (esa) e aprendo la partecipazione a professionisti e aziende che operano nel fashion system


glowing flowers photographed by craig burrows  with ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence

et caetera

sale piccante, melanconia, dechillico

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