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kniterate is a compact industrial knitting machine created for designers and entrepreneurs that facilitates the one-off creation of garments. built by london-based designer gerard rubio, kniterate is meant to act as a sort of 3d printer for knitwear, allowing you to create digital designs in photoshop and turn them into a wearable garments in just a few hours. the machine is capable of knitting scarves, sweaters, dresses, ties, or even the components of shoes,

 carnet de notes 386

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940


in the summer of 1973, john schott drove route 66 from the midwest to california and back, sleeping in his pick-up truck and photographing with an 8 x 10 inch deardorf view camera. among his subjects were the motels situated along this expanse of highway


the recent election of mmalta to the presidency of the council of the european union—a position that will be held through June 2017—architectural photographer danica o. kus has created a photo series detailing renzo piano building workshop’s valletta city gate in malta. completed in 2014, the project is composed of four parts: the valletta city gate and site, an open-air theater “machine,” a parliament building, and landscaped space,

the colosseum, rome, italy



sé transforms galleria rossana orlandi into highly furnished apartment titled 'sé ensemble', the exhibition highlights the adaptability of their furniture collections, which were designed by damien langlois-meurinne, jaime hayon and nika zupanc


da sinistra, bacon, head; jean michel basquit, julius ceasar

a salò, il museo della follia accoglie i visitatori con capolavori dell'arte internazionale. la mostra, a cura di vittorio sgarbi, è itinerante

roberto fanari, il paesaggio dentro, musei di nervi, galleria d'arte moderna


stokes architecture has retained the industrial character of this 19th-century whiskey factory in philadelphia during its conversion into an italian restaurant and boutique hotel

london-based architecture practice universal design studio has completed at six, a new 343 room hotel in stockholm’s housing one of europe’s most ambitious contemporary art collections within a hotel. at sx is owned and operated by petter stordalen of nordic hotels & resorts and curated by sune nordgren, formerly of the baltic centre for contemporary art. original artwork by jaume plensa, olafur eliasson, julian opie, sol le witt, tacita dean, spencer finch, richard long and marijke van warmerdam are displayed within the public spaces as well as individual artworks by kristina matousch in the guest rooms. works by swedish photographer dawid complete the hotel art collection,

danish design space copenhagen, founded by signe bindslev henriksen and peter bundgaard rutzou has designed a new collection for stellar works, inspired by the chair they designed for restaurant 108 in copenhagen,


tables branch out of this eight-person sofa, designed by swedish studio front to offer a relaxed breakout space in bustling offices. Front created the furniture for swedish brand offecct. it is meant to inhabit the middle of a room, and function as both seating and a temporary workstation. each table has a usb charger and a hook for hanging bags or coats,

brooklyn artist and designer fernando mastrangelo has cast his latest collection of furniture to look like "three-dimensional landscape paintings".

 the swedish-french duo faerg & blanche explore the opposite attractions of hard and soft

barracuda by giuseppe viganò for arketipo

from top, clockwise

penta, rusty tree, easy bridge. tutto by zeus


the new cc-tapis showroom in milan


ladies and gentlemen by secondome. unplugged

poltrona a dondolovoluta e cassettiera settimio by stefano marolla; specchi risvolti disegnati da vito nesta; lampada disarmante by gio tirotto; coffee table lunapark by alessandro zambelli; contenitore by 4p1b and grandinetti; carta da parati glitch by millim studio

dutch invertuals, harvest. 10 designers offer a glimpse into how the human race will tackle future global issues.

georgia sagri, dynamis, 2017, 28 sculptures and 10 breathing scores, installation view, tositsa 5, athens, documenta 14, ph angelos giotopoulos

rachel sussman uses gold to 'repair' cracked sidewalks in homage to japanese 'kintsukuroi' art. ‘kintsukuroi’ is the ancient japanese art of repairing broken or cracked pottery with a powdered-gold dusted lacquer. philosophically speaking, the craft regards the process of breakage and repair as an element of the object’s history, rather than an unattractive flaw to be concealed or disguised


nendo’ s new lightings “sawaru” and “gaku” for flos

left, “sawaru”, a lighting consisting of two independent cylinders touching each other in a perpendicular direction. One plays the role as a light source, while the other acts as a base, and the projection angle can be altered into 3 stages: 25 degrees, 40 degrees and 60 degrees, by inserting the pin attached to the base

right, “gaku”, A box used together with lamps and other objects,%u3000which gives a feeling almost as if it weresomething between accessories and furniture. An adjustable-height pending lamp hangs down inside of one box, while a second design features non-contact charging functionality to power a matching spot or luminescent lamp. Usually, the lamp is simply left on the charging dock, and then moved around freely when lighting is needed elsewhere.  The directional lamp features a magnet that allows it to be placed at an angle, making it easy to adjust the direction of spot to be lighted,

libri/books and reviews

from top left, clockwise

enrica morini, maria pezzi, giornalista di moda, l'europeo 1947-1958,; inventario n 12,; ugo la pietra, bosco in città, progetti e favole metropolitane, i quaderni plana; demetrio paparoni, the devil, atlante illustrato del lato oscuro,; travis elborough e alan morsfield, atlante dei luoghi insoliti e curiosi,; sergio pitamitz, wild africa,,


brigitte march niedermair, transition giorgio morandi, palazzo boromeo, milano

aalto university, nakuna, icicle all lavender. in occasione del 100′ anno di indipendenza della finlandia nel 2017, la aalto university school of arts, design and architecture ha onorato le sue origini partecipando alla milano design week con la mostra dedicata “nakuna”, nudo in finlandese,


amalia del ponte, ritratto di ugo mulas, onde lunghe e brevissime, museo del novecento, ph emiliano biondelli, e studio museo francesco messina, milano,

il capriccio e la ragione. eleganze del settecento europeo, dal 14 maggio al 29 aprile 2018. museo del tessuto di prato. allestita nella sala dei tessuti antichi del museo, la mostra è un viaggio nello stile e nel gusto della cultura artistica del settecento, attraverso la moda, il tessuto e le arti decorative

www.museo del

et caetera

scali milano: international firms unveil plans to transform the city's disused railyards the project asked mad architects, stefano boeri architetti, mecanoo, miralles tagliabue embt, and cino zucchi architetti to develop plans for eights disused sites

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