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50 anni fa moriva Totò. Ecco come il principe della risata ispirò artisti e creativi da milo manara al federico fellini pittore, a andrea pazienza

 carnet de notes 387

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940


la strada alpina del grossglockner candidata come patrimonio unesco


the ‘mashambas skyscraper’ has been designed for the an area in east area to introduce a green revolution to the people living in sub-saharan africa still living in poverty. realized by pawel lipi%u0144ski and mateusz frankowski from poland. using architecture to improve the lives of small farmers is one of the main objectives of ‘mashambas’. the building will host education, training on agricultural techniques, cheap fertilizers, and modern tools. the structure itself would be made up of simple modular elements, making it easy to assemble, deconstruct and transport. the innovative proposal has been awarded first place in evolo’s 2017 skyscraper competition

ginza six, designed by gwenael nicolas, is located in the area of concentrated commercial activity. the ginza area is a symbol of japan and become a world-class commercial space with a wide range of 241 brands,

new york firm so-il has built a prototype house at the mini living space in milan, featuring a white mesh exterior designed to filter polluted city air, and a plant-covered roof,



when refurbishing the interior of this gallery in rome, antonino cardillo looked to the colours and textures used in the opening scene of richard wagner's das rheingold opera. cardillo's crepuscular green project is an interior refurbishment of an art gallery located in san lorenzo, rome. described by the architect as a "green golden grotto", the space was based on the particular scene of the rhine river, where the three rhinemaidens – woglinde, wellgunde and flosshilde – are playing together


istanbul maritime museum, teget architects, ph alican akturk

the project site has 3 façades -the remaining one facing the neighbouring ex-tabacco warehouse isvirtually invisible and mainly reserved for sevices-. the bosphorus side is reserved for the boat gallery. on the opposite direction, at the dolmabahçe boulevard where it is linked to the city and the traffic access, is placed the entry. finally, at the be%u015Fikta%u015F square side, there is the courtyard, embracing the barbaros statue, around which the program of the museum revolves


avalon hotel when it was the beverly carlton, celebrities flocked to the hotel by graphic designer alvin lustig—marilyn monroe was even a resident. at the hands of kelly wearstler (who first lent her design savvy to the hotel in 1999, before a more recent spruce-up), it still flaunts vintage hollywood style, with a playful 1950s look that captures a southern california spirit

teamlab creates interactive restaurant interior that changes with the seasons.  located in in tokyo's ginza district, the exclusive eatery provides diners with a multi-sensory experience that conveys the tastes, smells, and scenic beauty of japan


gebruder thonet vienna

dining table café 6116 by ruben van megen, in exhibition masterly, the dutch in milano

café 6116 is inspired on and made with persian carpets and refers to the sixties, when the persian carpets were part of the interiors of many western european cafés and homes. the used carpets are processed into table tops and tiles and have a super smooth surface. colours, scars and patterns play the lead part. the worn out quality of the carpet tells a story of its former life and the life of its owner. because every carpet is only used once, every piece is unique. also, a heirloom or a carpet which is for some reason special to the owner can be used. every table comes with a certificate that contains information about the carpet that is used such as the country and region where the carpet is produced and the production year

vapore by giacomo moor edit by galleria luisa delle piane. the collection vapore investigate an ancient, complex and rare manufacturing technique: the steam bending of solid wood. ph canio salandra

tavolo root by roberto iacuzzi for natisa

adopting traditional decorative motifs found on ming dynasty ceramics, chinese artist lei xue sculpted these humorous smashed aluminum cans that bridge the gap of some 600 years of art history. the pieces are part of an ongoing series titled drinking tea, and unlike the mechanical process of producing cans, each object is sculpted and painted by hand


cos x studio swine: 'new spring'  at milan design week

louis vuitton, objets nomades. ideata nel 2012, la collezione objets nomades mantiene viva la lunga tradizione di louis vuitton nella creazione di meravigliosi articoli da viaggio

britt moran and emiliano salci from dimorestudio show a world of nostalgic tones. the space lingers over clean aesthetics that feature 1930’s references, just as the furniture that displays precious, sophisticated yet never redundant details

 3 new collections: hayon x nani by jaime hayon; blend by raw color; mía by nani marquina


jeremy cole's singular style is an expression of his homeland, new zealand, and its distinctive and stunning flora. light is gently captured in the glowing ceramic plant forms

davide oppizzi per d cube si è ispirato per mozaik al concetto del mosaico e alle sue forme geometriche. mozaik è una superficie luminosa fatta di elementi che cadono come fosse una pioggia di meteoriti, senza limitarsi a un unico punto di luce

left, filippo mambretti sculpts optical lighting pieces for mogg. the lamps are designed in such a way that allows for a multitude of combinations and compositions,

right, lampade tooy

lampade per arredo esterno, made in marche  

u-light by axolight


piergiorgio zangara, artista madi, mostra promossa dal consolato generale d’italia melbourne e organizzata dall’istituto italiano di cultura di melbourne e da musa international, melbourne

a bologna, nella sala ercole di palazzo d'accursio, inaugura venerdì 19 maggio un decennio di ritardo, prima mostra personale di salvatore nocera (1928 – 2008) nella sua città natale, a cura di elisa del prete

et caetera

live in this cowboy boot house in texas for just $1,200 a month. the two bedroom property includes custom handcrafted features, with mosaic granite flooring and a spiral staircase that leads to an elevated roof deck

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