carnet de notes 425


barack and michelle obama, official portraits

carnet de notes 425

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

somewhere in india


left, real america, nativi d'america, denver, jackson hole, billings, fargo, rapid ciy, minneapolis. quality group

right, alla scoperta degli stati uniti in treno, amtrack

uzbekistan e turkmenistan, kel 12


snohetta plans 'svart', an energy positive hotel in the arctic circle. not only does the design reduce its yearly energy consumption by approximately 85% compared to a modern hotel, but it also produces its own energy

325 kent — located at the 11-acre domino sugar factory site on the williamsburg waterfront — is now complete, and new images provide a never-before-seen look at the development. designed by shop architects, the building stands at 16 stories tall and features a striking silhouette that steps up incrementally

located on a hill in mauer, on the outskirts of vienna, the wotruba church was the culmination of sculptor fritz wotruba’s life (the project’s architect, fritz g. mayr, is often forgotten). constructed in the mid-1970s, mayr completed the project one year after wotruba’s death, enlarging the artist’s clay model to create a functional walk-in concrete sculpture. ph denis esakov


ristrutturazione e arredamento di un classico appartamento viennese in un vecchio edificio. project destilat. ph destilat/harald hatschenberger

a quiet reflection by the japanese brand ariake, a new furniture brand, founded by legnatec and hirata chair, two factories from the furniture town of morodomi in the saga prefecture, japan


burrito loco is a fast food network focused on mexican cuisine, which has a long tradition in prague. the investor has requested studio formafatal to design interior for this fast food chain, which would be characteristic for all new establishments. ph boysplaynice

located in the northern athenian suburb of neo psychiko, papillon is an all-day bar & restaurant that embodies the bistro culture of paris and new york in both spirit and aesthetics. designed by the architecture studio minas kosmidis [architecture in concept]

in tokyo’s roppongi district, japanese architect ryoji iedokoro has completed a restaurant interior that spans the first and second floors of a newly constructed building. the restaurant, which serves grilled meat, seeks to change perceptions of yakiniku cuisine by offering a more intimate and visceral dining experience


interior architecture students from aalto university in helsinki have designed a range of colourful chairs, intended to help a sitter reach a mediative state of mind. the students presented their a range of chairs made using only three thicknesses of galvanised steel rods

poltrona barracuda by giuseppe viganò for arketipo

french designer françois bauchet used a composite material made from sand, resin and concrete to create this furniture collection for galerie kreo, which features clover-shaped details,

libreria kaos by destilat

left, trio di monica guggisberg e philip baldwin,

right, tiara di francesco lucchese

antarctica, aptly named after the coldest place on earth, this small acrylic stool was designed by london-based designers patrik fredrikson and ian stallard to look like a block of ice. at david gill gallery. presented at nomad st moritz,

vessels by ernst gamperl. master craftsman ernst gamperl carefully carved and scorched these large vases, creating a gradient of tones that highlight the grain of the wood. at sarah myerscough gallery. presented at nomad st moritz,


elba martinez e nori ushijima, txoriak eta itsasoa, los pàjaros y el mar, the birds and the sea, arteko, ciparraguirre, donostia, san sebastian

simone crestani, glass bonsai, showroom di ingo maurer, munich


james brunt organizes leaves and rocks into elaborate cairns and mandalas in forests, parks, and beaches near his home in yorkshire, england. This form of land art, popularized and often associated with fellow brit andy goldsworthy, involves detailed patterns, textures, and shapes formed using multiples of one kind of material


lampada da tavolo della collezione ra disegnata da roberto bellantoni per revolution archstudio


beppe bolchi, cià arcobaleno, kryptos gallery, milano,


dusk by skinwall


quando l'inverno diventa arte, immagini di francesca meana e altri, galleria pourquoi pas design, milano

pourquoi pas design milano


global architecture firm perkins will has been selected to design a science and technology museum in suzhou, a major city located about 62 miles (100 km) northwest of shanghai.

gli appuntamenti de “il tempo degli orologi”. rassegna dedicata alle nuove collezioni di orologi del museo poldi pezzoli


poltrona frau contract supplied and installed 547 customized seats for the bespoke mikhailovsky st. petersburg theatre. ph mr. valery petrov

et caetera

gustav klimt, lady in a muff

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