carnet de notes 245

carnet de notes 245

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 09/06/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyage

pomerania region, capital gdansk: casciubia and malbork

faroe and lofoten islands

groenlandia and mongolia

carnet d'architecture

the metro station "fovám tér" in budapest, designed by the young architects spora architects. ph peter sägesser

dabura patterns commercial building full of triangles in japan
ph satoshi ikuma

rome-based architecture and design studio lad has visualized ‘villae minimae’ (small villas) situated in natural landscapes. the projects were conceived as appendices, detached from larger properties

carnet de hotels et restaurants

sono iniziati i lavori per la costruzione del waldhotel firmato matteo thun. una struttura ricettiva di lusso con 161 camere e quasi cinquemila metri quadri dedicati a servizi wellness e a prestazioni mediche, che sorgerà nella località turistica di bürgenstock, sulle pendici di una montagna con affaccio diretto sul lago di lucerna, in svizzera. la conclusione dei lavori è prevista per il 2015

la vecchia gru numero 13 nel porto di amsterdam stava per essere demolita. un imprenditore l'ha comprata per un euro. diventerà l'hotel crane, arredato da edward van vliet con jab anstoetz,

big partners bjarke ingels and jakob lange have collaborated with kilo founder lars larsen and creative director jonas hartz in completing ‘llama‘ a new dining establishment in the danish capital of copenhagen,

carnet de events

mario brunello trekking, ph daniele lira

i suoni delle dolomiti, 28 giugno-29 agosto



carnet de design

collezione aston by rodolfo dordoni for minotti,

left, the ‘alphabet‘ collection is composed by twelve wine and water glasses.
the pieces have been designed for the geymüllerschlössel’s dining room as part of the site specific installation ‘the stranger within’, commissioned by the mak museum in vienna

right, ‘still’ is a collection of tools in copper and engraved crystal that uses activated charcoal to purify and improve the taste of tap water

formafantasma for j.l.lobmeyr,

four seasons by qualy

left, filù by bernhardt-vella


center, penta by claesson koivisto rune


right, diva design arflex

left, low table opera by mario bellini for meritalia,


right, martino gamper for moroso,

from left,

pocket pouf by benazin iskender for tumar


soft balls by lorenzo damiani for tumar


balance by shiina-nardi design for tumar

infinite by jenny trieu

wilsonart, a leading manufacturer of decorative surfaces has named jenny trieu from the university of houston, as the winner of its 10th annual wilsonart challenges


carnet de tissus

left, lisa corti


right, likay emerald by srilim

carnet de lumières

light by korakot

light by anon pairot

‘lighting giants’ transforms the nocturnal landscape of the croatian town of pula, adapting pieces of industrial machinery into a public work of art. the local architectural lighting design studio skira has projected colorful beams of illumination onto the iconic shipyard cranes

illuminazione cisternone romano by studio lightingdesign

transformed into multiple forms and functions, by max gunawan


carnet de photos

duane michals, empty new york

sibylle bergemann, chaikh, dakar

left, laurent millet at the musée des beaux-arts angers


right, silvia ugolotti at b&b il richiamo del bosco di sala braganza (pr)

carnet d'expos

konstantin grcic – panorama

at vitra design museum, until 14/09

carnet d'art

american artist jess landau underscores the fragility of life with a series of portraits printed onto the delicate surface of an eggshell. using the liquid emulsion technique, landau transfers the nude images onto the interior of the shell, carefully positioning the bodies within the ellipsoid frame

carnet de body ornaments

left, gioielli elisabetta cipriani at design basel presenting rebecca horn,


center, jewels by misaki


right, gold brooche by nathalie jean

the last carnet

cano cristales. colombia

brazilian artist twins os gemeos have recently painted on an extraordinary scale, tagging the entire facade of a boeing 737, which will transport the brazilian national football team from city to city during the quickly approaching 2014 fifa world cup

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