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song kang carves magical architectural landscapes in stone the mixed media pieces are constructed using foam, plaster and paper maché, yet appear to be carved into actual rocks

 carnet de notes 403

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

isfahan, iran, may 2017 (ph annamaria arnesano)


left, villa durazzo, santa margherita ligure

right, palazzo di varignana


sanaa has built a small passenger terminal shaped like a cloud for a port on the japanese island of naoshima, which is famed for its contemporary art scene

richard woods completes his latest project, ‘holiday homes,’ as part of the 2017 folkestone triennial. for this public installation, woods has created and placed six colorful homes around folkestone, a port town in south-east england

the national trust's little moreton hall, cheshire, an iconic tudor manor house


mode:lina architekci have completed a new office in wroclaw, poland, for droids on roids, a tech company. the design of the office takes inspiration from their logo, and throughout the space there’s references to the color and the lightning bolt. ph patryk lewinski

ukrainian designer alesya kasianenko has created a concept idea for a bedroom that includes building the bed into a wall lined with cabinets

children's rooms can be designed to encourage play, even in the most minimal of homes. a room that divides territories for two brothers and a room with secret storage for toys


claude cormier transforms a montréal street into a colorful pedestrian promenade. the artwork's 1 kilometer span is made up of 180,000 resin-colored balls organized in a sequence of 18 tones

jean-michel othoniel stacks 10,000 black glass bricks to build 'the big wave' a monumental 6-meter-high, 15-meter-long wave towers over visitors to the exhibition space

as part of mexico city’s four-day architecture festival, mextropoli, 5468796 architecture, factor eficiencia and studio nyl collaborated to design and create a public art pavilion called ‘one bucket at a time’. ph jaime navarro,


dongzhuang museum of western regions, xinjiang wind architectural design & research institute, xinjiang weiwuerzizhiqu, china. ph yao li


american firm studio has transformed historic structures in austin into a high-design hostel that is meant to serve as an alternative to pricey boutique hotels. located near the city's downtown district, the native hostel and bar & kitchen occupy a two-storey stone building dating to the 1890s and a brick warehouse that was added in the 1940s

architecture firm lycs have recently completed the interior renovation of the mylines hotel in hangzhou, china, and as part of the project, they designed a futuristic room that has the bed sunken down into the floor

situated next to the volcanoes national park in the east african country of rwanda, ‘bisate lodge’ offers a luxurious base from which to enjoy the region’s gorilla conservation experience. the resort comprises six individual villas, designed by nicholas plewman architects and associates, that each measure 91 square meters. articulated around a central fireplace


giulia pesce and ruggero bastita's create an inclusive furniture series for cohabitation spaces, 'patchwork' is a project that analyzes the european immigration and refugee crisis that has hit europe in the past couple of years, encouraging cohabitation

the tassels and straps of spanking tools and fetish wear inspired this mirror and valet stand, designed by ecal graduate savvas laz. laz created the boudoir fétiche furniture while studying on the design for luxury and craftsmanship masters course at the swiss university,

a sofa shaped like a hot dog and a burger-like chair are among studio job's latest designs for the brand seletti. the food-themed pieces are part of studio job's un_limited editions collection,

“tinge” is a mix and match table series that invites you to combine your favourite shapes and colours into a unique table. the prototypes are produced from left-overs of the plastics industry by no man tai



nendo transforms electronic paper to rollable and adjustable flashlight

with names like back flip, double act, flatbar and forward bend, it’s easy to see where design studio porcelain bear got their inspiration for their new lighting collection


paolo ventura, ex voto, galleria antonio verolino, modena, italy

arrivano i paparazzi, fotografi e divi dalla dolce vita a oggi, camera, centro italiano per la fotografia, torino, italy,

il bel paese, un progetto per 22.621 centri storici, triennale, milano  


international mountain summit, incontri e show multimediali di gente straordinaria di montagna. alpinismo ma non solo: congressi e discussioni relative alla medicina di montagna, all’uso del legno in architettura, alla sicurezza in montagna, alla tecnologia usata (anche in montagna) dalla protezione civile


ad perpetuam rei memoriam, wall painting di eron per mutina 2017, modena,

mural spagna by luca zamoc

et caetera

exploring the relationship between art and automobile, la’s venus gallery presents ‘piston head II’, an exhibition spotlighting the ways in which a car can be both a cultural icon and sculptural object

a.bran transforms abandoned house in lithuania with colorful graffiti. the artist's playful drawings bring sunshine and positive messages to a white backdrop


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