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uno scenario da  film di fantascienza proposto dall’architetto tedesco goetz schrader. perché non sfruttare lo spazio inutilizzato dei supporti verticali delle grandi turbine eoliche delle fattorie del vento (wind farm)? il suo concept wind pecker prevede una serie di strutture modulari residenziali agganciate sulle torri d’acciaio di supporto delle turbine. fonte futurix

 carnet de notes 402

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

isfahan, iran, may 2017 (ph annamaria arnesano)


gossglochner, hochalpenstrasse, austria


bjarke ingels group is set to build a pair of residential towers in copenhagen as part of a new development that also includes an ikeastore and a huge hotel. the site, which is being masterplanned by fellow danish firm dorte mandrup arkitekter, is located in kalvebod brygge – a waterfront area in the vesterbro district of the capital city,

more than half of iran has an arid climate and environment, each year expanding more and more. iranian based office bmdesign offers a double solution to this matter. part of it is to combat global warming and reduce the overall carbon footprint, while another part is to pursue other sustainable water resources like rainwater


textile designer yuri himuro showcases her solo suspended ‘flower’ exhibition at the case gallery in tokyo. the exhibition focuses on a handkerchief/bouquet motif which she designed for the japanese handkerchief brand ‘swimmie’. hundreds of hanging handkerchief bouquets fill the interior space and create a dreamy special experience


vizcaya museum and garden, miami, usa


w bellevue, bellevue, wa, united states, "where green meets global glamour. where rugged and relaxed are reimagined and redefined. inspired by yesterday’s weekender lake house"

unit café, kiev ukraine, architects tseh architectural group, ph mihail cherny, evgen zukovsky


h2o, waterproof wallpaper, tecnografica italian wallcovering, per ambienti ad alto tasso di umidità

promenade by philippe nigro for gebrueder thonet vienna

left, sedia e tavolino industry, italcomma urbinati

right, arch chair by martin hirth for favius,

low chair asana by mario milana

konstantin grcic for mattiazzi,


wutopia lab finalizes its construction of the zhongshu bookstore in suzhou, china. the bookstore is divided into four main areas and several subdivided zones: the sanctuary of crystal for new arrivals, the cave of fireflies for recommendations, the xanadu of rainbows for reading room and the castle of innocence for children books. ph hu yijie, creatar


left, cc-tapis, "répertoire de formes", at spotti milano, by christophe delcourt,

right, ines is designed by kasthall’s designer maja johansson

garden layers, gan's first outdoor space, designed by patricia urquiola


this floating cloud lamp magnetically levitates and pulses as music plays. brooklyn-based richard clarkson studio joined forces with magnetic levitation specialists crealev to create ‘floating cloud’, a light design feature for the home. a hidden switch is located at the top of the cloud

the danish design brand rewired launches a new glass pendant series, designed by oojaa arhus


left, vittorio zecchin, i vetri traparenti per cappellin e venini, le stanze del vetro, fondazione giorgio cini, isola di san giorgio maggiore, venezia,

right, oh couleurs ! le design au prisme de la couleur
au musée des arts décoratifs et du design de bordeaux


created by raku inoue, ‘natura insects’ is an art series where a wildlife of lifelike beetles, butterflies and other bugs have been crafted from bright flower arrangements

et caetera

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