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a forest by pejac

carnet de notes 497

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ph francesca de ponti


People are transported in a cattle-drawn cart as they pass in front of the ancient pagodas at Bagan, Myanmar. ph Ye Aung Thu / AFP / Getty

stromboli, italy


austrian art gallery by marte marte architekten is realized with a graceful twist. marte marte architects is an austrian architecture studio led by brothers bernhard and stefan marte. ph faruk pinjo

Christophe Benichou Architecture's project Sesame is solitary and monolithic. Located in a desert, its facades are split open and fragmented, leaving parts of the walls slightly ajar. In each of these cavities sit icons of domesticity, including a bed, table, bathtub, sink, and toilet


The Danish office Dorte Mandrup was awarded with the ‘AW Architekt des Jahres 2019’ (AW architect of the year) by the Hamburg based AW Architektur & Wohnen Magazine. On this occasion AW Architektur & Wohnen and Aedes present this first comprehensive exhibition about her outstanding work at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin

In località Arcomagno di San Nicola Arcella nell' Alto Tirreno cosentino, in Calabria, un progetto di riqualificazione paesaggistica/ambientale, progettato da Domenico De Rito: una scala in acciaio corten permette di collegare un percorso in terra battuta con la spiaggia

hotels, restaurants e bar

Located in the heart of the city's central axis and across the bustling landmark of Tianfu Square, Chengdu's Hilton Landmark Hotel, Canopy by Hilton, is within walking distance of many cultural highlights including the Chengdu Museum, People's Park, Qingyang Palace, Kuanzhai Alley and Chengdu's largest temple, Wenshu Yuan Monastery. The design of the hotel blends Chinese and Western charms, intertwined with old-fashioned feelings and vitality, elegant and unconventional style, bringing guests a lively Chengdu style. Interiors Designers CCD

brightly colored volumes shape indian restaurant by renesa

a bedroom of of the Experimental Menorca, the latest hotel to be outfitted by  Paris-based Dorothee Meilichzon


The Houston Museum of Natural Science brings back Ferrante Imperato’s cabinets of curiosities in its decade-long exhibit


Sicis veste d’arte la lounge del mitico cabaret di Parigi, Paradis Latin


filicudi cactus chair by marcantonio for qeeboo

left, using an ikea chair as a starting point, ‘recession’ by studio tjep. takes a mass-produced design and sands it down to a fragile, skeletal-like form. initially conceived by the dutch designer frank tjepkema back in 2011, the project was envisioned in response to the financial crisis that overwhelmed global economies, and society, at the time.

center, chair dalla collezione Oxford Racers, disegnata da Lars Beller Fjetland
 per Bottega Ghianda.,

right, patrick jouin unveils foldable 3d printed tamu chair, inspired by nature. the prototype features a geometric design, is completely foldable, and has been conceived with as less material as possible

from top left, clockwise

Punky wood aesthetics with Pinzo, design David Ericsson.

this easy chair Ovo has been created by British designer Damian Williamson for Danish brand Erik Jorgensen.

Australian furniture producer DesignByThem has teamed up with fashion designer Dion Lee to develop a collection comprising a lounge chair and bench made by slashing and weaving leather.

chairs by giampaolo venier for airnova.

showrooms and shops

HMA forms M.I. bookstore around a massive circular bookcase in harbin, china. ph eiichi kano


Britain-based artist Bruce Munro recently unveiled his largest site-specific project to date: Field of Light at Sensorio, a sprawling art installation that covers a hilly, countryside landscape with more than 58,800 stemmed fiber-optic lights powered by solar energy. Located in Paso Robles, California. ph serena munro

Nella quiete di Giardino di Casa Tresoldi spuntano, tra siepi e aiuole, le creazioni della collezione outdoor di Catellani & Smith

il comune di recanati in collaborazione con iguzzini valorizza il parco del colle dell'infinito con un progetto di illuminazione intelligente


Copenhagen-based artist Matthew Simmonds carves miniature architectural interiors, angular shapes, and tiny windows filled with symbolic objects, trinkets, and animals. His ghostly white sculptural forms are cut from and presented within raw stone, which allows for a striking contrast between his designs and the medium’s natural surface

polish design studio the whole elements’ ‘fossils’ collection refers to the fossil formation process and, therefore, to the creation of a trace of organic matter in a stone. the furniture and ceramics have been created by a double repetition of the process in two different materials — wood and clay


Formgiving– An Architectural Future History from Big Bang to Singularity explores how the world around us has taken shape from the past to the present, with 71 BIG projects as glimpses of and gifts to our future. ph rasmus hjortshoi

vesuvio quotidiano-vesuvio universale

Nella Certosa di San Martino, uno dei più mirabili esempi del Barocco napoletano dalle cui logge e terrazze si gode la vista del vulcano che domina il golfo e la città, la rassegna presenta circa 100 opere dal Cinquecento ad oggi, tra cui alcune delle più significative provenienti dalle raccolte del museo accanto ad altre di collezioni pubbliche e private

La personale di Maria Jole Serreli all’Espace Le Marais di Parigi presenta un nucleo di opere appartenenti a un imponente progetto di elaborazione materico-concettuale

L’atelier delle luci – L’arte con il retroproiettore. Una mostra immersiva fra creatività e film d’animazione, ideata dal Service de la médiation culturelle del Centre Pompidou di Parigi, con cui il museo luganese collabora da diversi anni



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