carnet de notes 499

carnet de notes 499

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940, @paolorinaldi,

ph francesca de ponti


isola bella, lago maggiore

kimolos, grecia

Graffiti, Palafitte e Longobardi: siti patrimonio dell’Umanità tra Valle Camonica e Garda


Assomiglia alla prua di una nave Oodi, la Biblioteca Centrale di Helsinki, con le sue strutture in vetro e acciaio e la facciata in legno di abete. Progetto di Ala Architects, Futurix

Heatherwick Studio’s first built venture in Japan is a huge planted pergola, put in place to create a new hub for the district of Toranomon-Azabudai in Tokyo, Japan. The project is due for completion in March 2023.

Text description provided by the architects Lee Eunseok, Seoinn Design Group: Saemoonan Church proposed four distinct church construction themes as basic guidelines; the historicity as the mother church of Korean protestant churches, the symbolism of doors open to heaven, the spatiality of expressing Christ as light, and presenting a water space as a meaning of baptism and harmony. Hence, we adapted the themes with Loving God and Loving Neighbors and included them in the design. Loving God was mainly portrayed through the use and symbolism of the space, and the aspects of Loving Neighbors were expressed with the publicness through the external appearance and layout effect of the building that are revealed in the city center. ph Juneyoung Lim

hotels, restaurants e bar

China's first Chedi Hotel has been designed by Jund. As the member of "An Generation", The Chedi belongs to the mature high-end brand of GHM. The hotel is located in Shenzhen Town, Ninghai County, where there are thousands acres of forests, verdurous valleys and hot springs, which makes The Chedi is not only a hotel, but also a unique earthy life. ph Yong Zhang

Park Centraal Amsterdam lobby. ph Steve Herud

Sadhu's space is open and friendly with the main color are dark wood and the blue of mallard duck that will reflect a part of the architecture of Hoi An ancient town (a small old town located in the Central Vietnam) and diners get immersed in an extremely relaxed space. Project Le  House


designers suspend parametric golden butterfly within a historic courtyard in montpellier

festival des architectures vives is an annual program that seeks to initiate a reflection on architecture and its development within an existing urban context. highlighting the projects of young architects and urban planners through two urban tours, visitors can discover contemporary works in unique sites. taking place across the french city of montpellier, courtyards of private hotels typically restricted to the public open their doors during the festival to host media art installations, exhibitions, and events


expo 2020 dubai will be a festival of human ingenuity under the theme 'connecting minds, creating the future'

genoa-based design studio dodi moss reveals imagery of its proposed italian pavilion for expo 2020 dubai, designed in collaboration with artist edoardo tresoldi. a response to the theme of ‘beauty unites people,’ the project composes an ethereal pathway through transparent layers of material and vegetable elements. the third place entry manifests as a set of large architectural elements that evoke the styles of the palaces and courtyards of italian architecture through antiquity,


Architecture studio Atelier Masomi has built a market in Dandaji, Niger, using colourful recycled-metal canopies to attract vendors and help grow the local economy

helena hauss hand paints ceramic weapons in delft blue style to champion female fierceness

Hulbój | Szwed è un marchio nato dalla collaborazione tra Arkadiusz Szwed e Jarek Hulbój. L’amore per la duttilità dei materiali e la passione per i processi tecnologici sono la firma delle loro collezioni

bold stool by big-game for moustache,

Alain Gilles G-Screen room-divider for Greenmood has been selected by "Made in Design" to be featured in their curated exhibition "Life is Beautiful"  in the Printemps as part of the Paris Design Week and as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of "Made in Design",,

showrooms and shops

wutopia lab designs the 'books above clouds' store in shanghai's tallest building


lampada monkedy by marcantonio for seletti

India Mahdavi for WonderGlass,


fausto giaccone

festival internazionale isole che parlano, palau


David McMillan, Chernobyl

Steve McCurry, Srinagar, Kashmir, 1996. Musei San Domenico di Forlì “Cibo”


21_21 design sight holds an exhibition entitled "Insects: Models for Design"

sasan nasernia deconstructs persian and arabic calligraphy to form 'dripping' compositions

liqing tan, as i recall, studio d'arte cannaviello

Huang Yuxing, Big sculpture in the hills, 250×180, acrylic on canvas, 2019. koenig london


from top, da sinistra a destra

come se non fosse un fulmine. la scelta degli uomini giusti. compagnia teatringh, teatro elfo puccini, milano.,

il miracolo della cena. sonia bergamasco dà corpo e voce a fernanda wittgens. piccolo teatro, milano.

milkyway di david koš%u0165ák. teatro out off, milano. ph marina alessi.

contro il progresso di esteve soler. teatro out off, milano. ph marina alessi.

non rimpiango nulla di csaba szekely. teatro out off, milano. ph marina alessi.

la gilda del mac mahon di testori. centrale dell’acqua  in piazza diocleziano 5, milano. a seguire: autobahn di tondelli, zitti tutti di baldini, coppi urla risate di ferlinghetti.   


old palapye museum proposal is set within the ruins of a burnt brick church in botswana

The architectural project Rocamora Arquitectura for the exhibition "Rupestre. The first sanctuaries" is focused on the paintings placed in caves or "shelters" that were painted on the rock more than 10,000 years ago. Cabrera.Photo


nick knight captures the life of a rose in photos that look like master paintings


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