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ph santi caleca


In Tianshui, China, a clear dome casts sunlight onto 483 polychromatic glass panels lining a kindergarten’s windows, railings, and doorways. It gives the spacious building a kaleidoscopic effect, refracting varying hues onto the white walls and minimalist wood furnishings. project Keiichiro Sako

mondo europa metropolitane, from top left, clockwise

toledo, napoli; olaias, lisbona; komsomolskaya, mosca; szent-gellert-ter, budapest

Jean Dethier, Down to Earth: Adobe Architecture


Pretzel owner and founder Brittany Garbutt worked together with draftsman Jordan Edwards to give this Australian terrace shop an updated look with a soft pink exterior and interior

Sedia Mina disegnata da Tommaso Caldera, innaffiatoio Idro in lamiera zincata disegnato da Giulio Iacchetti e Vittorio Venezia, set da giardinaggio Orte e vasi Erba, Mira, Pila in terracotta disegnati da Giulio Iacchetti;;


La Fondation Louis Vuitton di Parigi racconta progetti passati come Observatory of Light, l’ installazione di Daniel Buren, che ha colorato le vetrate dell’architettura di Frank Gehry

restaurants and cafés

Located at Khodynka Field, a decommissioned airfield just 7 kilometres from Moscow’s city centre which has been rebuilt as a commercial and residential development, Café Polet is a new restaurant that channels the site’s illustrious aviation history with a retro-futuristic interior by New York-based design studio Asthetique that combines the sleek modernism of the space age with the cinematic grandiosity of early sci-fi movies. ph Mikhail Loskutov

California bar Auld Fella is influenced by the pubs of Dublin and Belfast

Green tartan wall coverings and leather banquette seating are among the references to traditional public houses that The LADG%u200B has used in this Culver City bar. The Los Angeles Design Group%u200B (The LADG) combined period furniture and a number of materials, including brass and dark wood in Auld Fella restaurant and bar, which is located west of Los Angeles


antonio lanzillo & partners has therefore created a collection of benches with a protective and functional design; a metal and concrete version able to ensure a safe distance between people through glass or plexiglass dividers

contenitore e libreria nyny by storagemilano for gebruder thonet vienna

Animal Farm, una serie di brocche in vetro borosilicato di Alessandra Baldereschi, di forma essenziale arricchita da una colorata scultura che si erge dal fondo

korall vase by andrea branzi for qeeboo,

T Sakhi infuses Murano glass with metal wires for Tasting Threads tableware

Founders and sisters Tessa and Tara Sakhi incorporated metal debris into each of the pieces. They used aluminium, copper, brass and other metal powder collected from the waste streams of factories in their local area

la casa di pietra, destini incrociati, design gumdesign for altaferma marmi hebanon

Studio Visit #8 Irina Razumovskaya,


progetto minutes, design icinori, dedar fabrics,

carte da parati

Pura©essenza: Collezione Parrot

I parati Pura©essenza sono rivestimenti profumati a basso spessore in fibra di vetro che dispongono di tecnologia antibatterica integrata e sono applicabili su superfici verticali ed orizzontali


Tropico di Gabriele e Oscar Buratti per Fontana Arte

Hara, lampada da tavolo in onice gold o onice bianco e bronzo

Design Romeo Sozzi per Promemoria

Ilse Crawford updates classic library lamp for Wastberg,


patrick swirc, in the times of coronavirus, the eye

food and wines

Abbiamo messo nel piatto i Microtipici, quali sono i tuoi?


after more than three years of construction, the ucca dune art museum in china is now complete. the project, designed by open architecture, is buried within a sand dune on a quiet beach in qinhuangdao. largely enveloped by the dune, the 930-square-meter museum contains a total of ten interconnected galleries and a café. with the museum now open to the public


pejac, wall on the moon



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