carnet de notes 175

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carnet de notes 175

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 17/12/2012
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

moorea, hawaii, polinesia
carnet d’architecture

left, treehouse in vermont, usa
right, casa sull’albero a san salvatore monferrato (al), piemonte, italy
project cristiano raffaldi

carnet d’hotels
25 hours hotel zuerich, zuerich, switzerland

carnet de magasins
kusmi tea, new shop in  via fiori chiari, milano, italy

carnet de interiors

domus akademy ridisegna il park hyatt di milano, italy
project carpe diem by mednis kaspars

project superbacana, interior design low cost


carnet de design
left, chair more by favaretto&partners for gaber

right, timu/tie me up chair by luca macri for lam

perpetual table calendar by jeong yong
the biggest ring represents the days – the 31 units during which the sun rises and sets. the middle ring, for the months, represents the moon’s orbit around the earth. and, finally, the smallest ring, with seven units, represents the days of the week, or as the designer says “the people who created the seven days of the week.” Held together with strong magnets, you can join up the month, day and week to keep you on track, but with the added bonus of a cool, desktop sculpture

i fiori di latta, la flora futurista, by gherardo frassa c/o entrata libera, milano

transfomations by maarten de ceulaer for fendi at design miami

carnet de lumières
bite me, edible desk lamp by victor vetterlein
made with biodegradable plastic, the desk lamp will never see a landfill because it can, in fact, be eaten or tossed into your compost pile with everything else. when you’re bored with the lamp, remove the led lighting strip and have the lamp as a tasty snack

lampe sculture by alnoor at galerie de casson, paris, france

spacebot by constantin worthmann for dark

linelight by johanna grawunder at carpenters workshop gallery

carnet de livres
from top left, clockwise

franco ottolenghi, vita fortuna e detti di mesione filosofo,
con dieci disegni inediti di luigi serafini, edizioni del verri,
isa tutino, filastrocche di filicudi, con disegni inediti di cinzia ruggeri
elisa nicoli, questo libro è un abat-jour, ponter alle grazie edizioni altreconomia
francesco maria rossi, argenterie fantastik, edizioni polistampa
racconti e 51 opere di giovanni raspini
rosamund lupton, nel limbo
julianna baggott, memento/i sopravvissuti
giano editore,

carnet d’art
agustìn olavarrìa at design library, milano

carnet d’expos
from left, fonassi, kollaps; moscardini, terza stanza. at macro, roma

carnet de photos
c-type print, mounted to polished aluminum from the ‘glass’ series by alexander james

the wondrous beauty of microscopic plant seedsmy dakota by rob kesseler

waterdoloours by gilles bensimon at hamiltons gallery, london

marcel imsand e la fondation pierre gianadda, martigny, switzerland

the last carnet
an image by ho-yeol ryu which prompted cy kuckenbaker to create a video timelapse of plane landings
american film professor and photographer cy kuckenbaker has captured every airplane that landed
at san diego international one day between the hours of 10:30am and 3pm in a time-lapse video.
the concept was born from an image by ho-yeol ryu at hannover airport – showing a herd of the massive
machines in one visualization and kuckenbaker wanted to capture the unusual flight path that brings planes very
low right over the center of the city of san diego, causing them to drop behind a hill the make the runway.
to create the video he would shoot the planes on a cloudless day individually then isolate
the image of the plane and composite each one together in a timeline with adobe premier.

pour la sortie au cinéma du film l‘odyssée de pi, un film monumental
dans lequel le héros se retrouve survivant à bord d’un canot de sauvetage,
la piscine pailleron a été transformée en cinéma éphémère
lano 27-28 october
bbè nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?èhttp//

carnet de notes 175 has been sent to/
è stato inviato a 18.100 recipients/indirizzi
and posted to social networks:

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