carnet de notes 252

carnet de notes 252

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 28/07/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

tibet express

from top left, clockwise

florence, istanbul, venice, sidney (chinese new year)

carnet d'architecture

left, la realizzazione del complesso residenziale di david adjaye nel distretto di new york's sugar hill è quasi terminata: 124 unità abitative a prezzi accessibili con annesse strutture per l'istruzione prescolare e un museo per bambini

right, for the recently completed ‘le meridien’ hotel in zhengzhou, china, neri&hu design and research office have conceived a tower which is composed of stacked frames around its façades

epée de bois – nursery, by h2o architectes
charlotte hubert / jean-jacques hubert / antoine santiard

left, architect stuart sampley has designed the ski shores lakehouse in austin, texas

right, mos architects designed the floating house on lake huron in ontario, canada

it has been announced that vo trong nghia architects will complete vietnam’s national pavilion for expo milan 2015. responding to the encompassing theme of ‘feeding the planet, energy for life’

carnet de hotels et restaurants

left, w doha hotel in qatar

right, airsburger cafè by yuji kimura,

located in the heart of prince edward county, angeline’s inn is just minutes away from wineries, restaurants, shops, and the world’s largest fresh water sand bar and dune system

carnet de design

architects ro&ad have recently completed the ravelijn op den zoom floating bridge in bergen op zoom, netherlands

left, chaise longue by giorgio armani casa

right, matthew strong recreates an eames sofa using carbon fiber

the severny perfume bottle designed by kazimir malevich

a retrospective opens in the tate modern

looking to do their part in raising awareness to the effects of global warming, gentle giants studio designed a collection of candles that reflect the icebergs that are melting away. called bergy bit, the line is named after the scientific definition of a medium-sized iceberg that begins as part of a larger glacier that breaks apart

extendable table, design alain gilles for bonaldo

left, toujours by pio&titotoso for guzzini,

center, sendy chairs by cizeta

right, coffee table by william sawaya for sawaya&moroni

left, hitomi hosono carves porcelain sculptures to resemble tropical flowers

right, revealing a part of nature otherwise concealed, german photographer diana scherer has photographed ‘nurture studies’ to expose the internal root systems of plant and botanical life

carnet de lumières

left, ‘re-cocoon’ is a project by yasuhiro suzuki that features lampshades directly moulded from silk cocoons

right, the ‘trig’ lampshade has been produced by daniel hilldrup in collaboration with stratasys using their objet500 connex3 fused deposition modelling technology

left, there’s a reason for the chaotic form that makes up the field test lamp, besides it being a cool, sculptural design. aminimal studio looked at the area above the ozone layer, the magnetosphere, for inspiration and illustrated the magnetic field lines of earth in a curvy, iterative waya visitor interacts with an installation entitled "assemblance" by usman haque and nitipak "dot" samsen, as it is displayed in the "digital revolution" exhibition at the barbican in central london until september 14, 2014

right, the anwar collection was born from stephen burks’ love of ethnic craftsmanship, making the partnership with parachilna a good one. burks’ idea might seem simple at first glance but the complex metal structures tested the skills of the metalsmiths,

carnet de magasins

in new york city’s galeria melissa, softlab has combined their exploration of technology and craft with the delicate nature of the shoe company’s ‘we are flowers’ collection


carnet de livres

surf café living

carnet de mode

aloha shirts

carnet d'expos

soudain l’été dernier, 1963, oeuvre en 3 dimensions, assemblage, 106 x 227 x 58 cm, centre pompidou, musée national d’art moderne, photo : philippe migeat / centre pompidou

loredana galante, biffi arte, piacenza

carnet d'art

left, azuma makoto sends flowers into space for exobiotanica

right, artist joshua abarbanel has created see life, a selection of wooden art/sculptural pieces that are currently on display at the hinge parallel gallery in culver city, california

expansive landscapes form the backdrops of the theatrical photographic portfolio of floto warner (cassandra warner and jeremy floto). the new york-based creatives explore a range of natural panoramas subtly interrupting, or greatly obstructing them to alter their viewer’s perspective

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