carnet de notes 251

carnet de notes 251

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 21/07/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

the grand canyon of arizona

carnet d'architecture

sunshine canyon residence by tha architecture, boulder, colorado

lomocubes by mpa architetti, lugano, switzerland

striped tiles: school by mcbride charles ryan

carnet de hotels et restaurants

kale café by yamodesign studio, hangzhou, china

carnet de design

left, lowtables o'bliq by william sawaya

right, armchair indiscret by dominique perrault-gaelle lauriot prevost

for sawaya&moroni

anna gili e sedie chiavarine, video by emilio tremolada

socrate by caimi brevetti for caimi

crack by johanna grawunder for glas,

globe by studio job for gufram,


carnet de lumières

oge creative group lights up jerusalem with house of cards, a light installation that will travel around the globe

a visitor interacts with an installation entitled "assemblance" by usman haque and nitipak "dot" samsen, as it is displayed in the "digital revolution" exhibition at the barbican in central london until September 14, 2014

studio beam has designed the marco pendant lamp and wall lamp as part of their sketch collection

carnet de magasins

jakob gomez revives classic barbershop aesthetic in musk and moss, located in san pedro garza garcía, méxico

zim & zou craft the fox’s den window with paper for hermès barcelona store

carnet de installations

magic carpets 2014. music: jacopo baboni schilingi
festival internazionale di andria castel dei mondi
castel del monte, andria, italy,

since 2001, the redball project has traveled the globe, stopping in landmark cities from paris to perth. for its latest performance, the man behind the public art project, kurt perschke, has installed the piece at the historic place de la mairie in rennes, france

carnet de events

nelle dolomiti l’eco dei monti suona americano: la music academy international di new york al festival di mezzano di primiero

carnet de mode

vivienne westwood has redesigned the full range of uniforms for the 7500 members of staff working on richard bBranson's airline

carnet d'expos

death becomes her: a century of mourning attire will be at the metropolitan museum of art’s anna wintour costume center, manhattan, from october 21, 2014, to february 1, 2015

venini, emmanuel babled, galerie der moderne, gallery vogdt, munich

lampada 028, collection 'progetto non finito' designed by dimore studio, gio ponti pattern, wallpaper edited by fromental,
namad felt from altai rugs collection,
high-back rotan lounge chair, designed by gio ponti for bonacina

this place at dox, prague, czech republic

gama, gemach II, oil on canvas, 2013, at chambers fine art

carnet d'art

with a slightly sinister and unmistakably mischievous tone, british designer kyle bean materializes ‘forbidden fruit’ as a series of dangerously armed produce, bearing unusual self defense mechanisms


the last carnet

aurora boreale

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