carnet de notes 260

carnet de notes 260

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 29/09/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages


carnet d'architecture

architects: amano design office
 shibuya, tokyo, japan
architect in charge: yoshihiro amano

architects: czarl architects,  jalan bukit merah, singapore
design team: carl lim, anditya dwi saputra, mingfu weng, nic chan

bernard tschumi’s finalized design for anima cultural center in italy

xavier delory imagines corbusier’s villa savoye in a state of decay

carnet d'hotels, restaurants et bar

on the greek island of symi is los -lobster, oyster, sushi -, a new bistro bar and art gallery designed by new york based interior designer yannos vrousgos and his team at the input creative studio


carnet de design

air vessel design by shigeo mashiro for sfera

left, vase kalu by patricia urquiola for bosa

right, brocche by moroni gomma

left, nike swoosh portraits by andy gellenberg

right, foulard by lorenzo petrantoni

carnet de urban design

the water tank projet, new york, work by lorenzo petrantoni

carnet de interiors

massimo galeotti enhances casa fiera with brick and wood, treviso, italy


carnet de recycle

  a new york sewer pipe transformed into an urban sculpture, a fully-functional modular sofa, by carlo sampietro

carnet de lumières

the ‘trig’ lampshade has been produced by daniel hilldrup in collaboration with stratasys using their objet500 connex3 fused deposition modelling technology

jeffrey inaba’s brooklyn practice inaba has been selected as the first-ever winner in the flatiron plaza holiday design competition. the inaugural installation will be constructed in front of the flatiron building for the duration of the 2014 winter season


carnet d'art

bill woodrow, “listening to history” (1995)

carnet de exhibitions

produzione d'autore, bari 27/12-15/01. a cura di francesco mancini 

from left, tarshito, roberto sgobio, roberto semprini


kehinde wiley paints "the world stage: haiti": the artist hosts a pageant to find "the face of haiti" in his new exhibition in los angeles

carnet de events

50 anni di collezione 64 di ag fronzoni, prodotto da cappellini

location la segheria milanese sede del progetto carlo e camilla

 direzione artistica di tanja solci e progetto di roberto da pozzo

the last carnet

constantine zlatev manufactures harmonious robotic gun flutes

felines dress up with seaweed and rice for sushi cats series

nike templo mayor skatepark – luis ponce’s sculpture at the entrance of the skatepark, mexico city

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