carnet de notes 261

carnet de notes 261

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 06/10/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

china from the sky

carnet d'architecture

jean nouvel‘s long-awaited 53 west 53rd street, also known as the tower verre or the moma tower, may finally be ready to move ahead with construction after the project’s developer hines purchased $85.3 million worth of air rights from its neighbors moma and the st thomas episcopal church and arranged the $860 million construction loan required for the project

building designed by architects :mlzd, gurtenkulm, switzerland

carnet de gardens

denver botanic gardens open new science pyramid designed by burkett design and studio nyl

carnet d'hotels et restaurants

hotel garibaldi blu, florence

carnet de design

swingme and swingus, creating the world’s first floating outdoor living room. by dedon, design daniel pouzet


left, decor plated fluo by schiavon

right, in olla veritas, collezione pentole in coccio fatte a mano, design di maria christina hamel, realizzate una a una da giuseppe mazzotti 1903 di albisola

as a vision for the future of transportation, dominic wilcox has realized a driverless car that unites intricate, handmade glass work with cutting-edge technologies. the vehicle is imagined as vessel for nighttime travel, accommodating only a bed inside; while the passenger rests, the car autonomously drives him to his destination

carnet de urban design 

from top left, clockwise

seoul, caltagirone, angers, istanbul, beirut, beirut

carnet de livres

van schijndel house

the house of architect mart van schijndel

carnet de photos

robert redford, paul newman, 1968 © lawrence schiller

thomas rusch, à fleur de peau at galerie bettina

paesaggi vissuti: romano, beasley, giaccone, cattani, zanin, hido, pellegrini, chiaramonte at valeria bella, milano

carnet du cirque

cirque du soleil drones’ human interactive performance at eth zurich


carnet de lumières

v2 glueck by naomi paul  at 100% design

carnet de tissus

new collection by dedar, ph andrea ferrari

carnet de musées

biomuseum by frank gehry, panama

carnet de exhibitions

trame di rame, triennale, milano, from left,

desk by giacomo ravagli/nilufar,

tre pezzi by mingardo, http://

philips hue beyond pendant lamp,

quantum fashion by ali karami a cura di cinzia ruggeri

e27, via edolo 27, milano, 15/10 h 18,30/22, fino al 30 h 19-21,

the last carnet

smart atoms spaxels by ars electronica draw 3D images in the night sky

celestis pets is the first memorial spaceflight company that will launch the remains of your dog or cat into outer space. the service has already conducted twelve journeys with human remains on board; this fall, they will open up the open the opportunity to canines and felines, beginning by sending a blue merle australian shepherd named apollo into the depths of the universe

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