carnet de notes 282


paul thomas anderson, inherent vice, vizio di forma

carnet de notes 281

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


ronda, spain

bruxelles, belgium


left, located in western australia, the ‘fiona stanley hospital’ in perth has opened its doors to the public. completed by hassell, in collaboration with silver thomas hanley and hames sharley

right, the city of paris has approved mvrdv’s plans to overhaul a 1970s urban block in montparnasse

matt emmett rediscovers abandoned architecture and forgotten heritage

‘no entry'; ‘access strictly prohibited'; ‘trespassers will be prosecuted': common sights on perimeter fences around many of europe’s forgotten buildings or abandoned industrial sites. in many cases, these warnings of potential dangers contained are an ineffective deterrent against thieves and vandals

the andalucian town of setenil de las bodegas looks like something from the set of a culturally adventurous fantasy film, but cave dwelling is actually common in andalucia; being so close to the african continental plate, geological forces threw up mountain ranges and volcanoes that are perfectly suited for habitation. the rocks and caves make for surprisingly easy settlement, and the nearby cueva de la pileta shows evidence of a human presence up to 25,000 years ago. after that, though, the inhabitants of the caves here are mostly ignored up until the 12th century, when setenil’s moorish castle appears on the historical record

coffee bars

bar in osaka, japan, by ninkipen!, yasuo imazu

this bar in bulgaria, designed by studio mode, features walls of 3d eye-catching geometric patterns


pierre jeanneret furniture at patrick parrish gallery

"honey" by alexa lixfeld

left, barbara bernát proposes hungarian money redesign with illustrated wildlife

right, hand-crafted in a world heritage 17th century building in derby, england, ben edmonds‘ ‘blok knives’ kitchen range represents how beautiful, primal and unique knife craftsmanship is

an investigation into color and form by german designer, alexander spenst, resulted in 8groschenknaben, a collection of five tea caddy prototypes


cuban born designer rené barba designed a pair of lamps made of a non-woven fabric for ligne roset

ramun by alessandro mendini

two designers, oikimus maria and ivan zverev, of oikimus design, designed the 5 5 lamp

chartres by andré teoman questions what stained-glass can mean


davide mosconi at galleria il ponte


basilica palladiana, il museo del gioiello, molteni e patricia urquiola


from left,,


left, rose poivrée, the different company

right, la boule de provence, l'artisan parfumeur

body ornaments

left, collier medusa nero, leek handmade jewellery

right, bracciale polsino, patrizio parata


nzuliddu è il progetto fotografico di simone aprile che vuole catturare l'essenza della cultura contadina siciliana. le foto documentano la fatica e il lavoro di un'anziana coppia di contadini di modica (rg), nzuliddu e concettina

ph rafael gamo


pace interiors by hs2 architecture and bill katz studio

et caetera

a woman takes a selfie in front of a multi coloured sheep installation displayed in a shopping mall for the chinese new year celebrations in hong kong

tortoise regains mobility with lego wheelchair

knitted double-decker bus takes to london streets for 7up campaign

a view over a lake in a forest with trees changing colour in autumn in kashubia

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