carnet de notes 328

carnet de notes 328

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine


merano e gli angoli nascosti, suedtirol/alto adige


left, padiglione di vetro per i giardini della biennale

right, unità sospese in un sistema di tensostrutture

progetti di pietro riani 

architects patel taylor have completed two new buildings at the essex university campus, a new wing to the albert sloman library and the new silberrad student centre. these two projects have been located as a continuation of the original 1960s utopian masterplan for the university by architects cooperative partnership

tenerife architect fernando menis claims to have developed a new construction technique, demonstrated by this concert hall in poland featuring faceted surfaces of crushed brick and concrete. ph  jakub certowicz

    oslo-based practice rra (reiulf ramstad arkitekter) have shared images of their romsdal folk museum project nearing completion. located in the norwegian town of molde, the striking building will house one of the country’s largest and comprehensive exhibits on folk history. ph erik hattrem


 restyling completo di una villa ad ascona (italy) by sergio villa, arredi della collezione opus futura disegnata da carlo rampazzi for sergio villa mobilitaly

inspired by geometrical wooden block patterns, the plank collection designed by form us with love for baux is a perfectly scaleable simple sound absorber. available in a natural color, cut to fit any measurements and room layout,

hotels and restaurants

budget design hotel brand, prizeotel, have worked together with karim rashid to create their latest location in hannover, germany,

hotel schani wien, ph kurt hoerbst

located in the waters off sipadan in malaysia, is an old oil rig that is now a dive platform and resort named ‘seaventures‘

morgenster wine & olive estate has collaborated with  italian chef giorgio nava to create ‘95 at morgenster‘ in south africa, a new world-class restaurant located 35 minutes from the city of cape town,

ukranian studio kleydesign has renovated a coffee shop one year after its original opening in kiev. named ‘the blue cup coffee shop’, the interiors have been designed to tell a story; specifically referencing the red book of ukraine. ph anya garienchik

craig steely has designed orenchi beyond, a ramen bar located in the mission district of san francisco. ph bruce damonte


seen at homi 2016

iitala, maiuguali, alessi, arte&mestieri, bitossi home, ivv, christiane held, villeroy&boch, henriette, moneta, yankee candle, novità home, portmeirion, egizia, rosenthal, schoenhuber, guzzini, tescoma, that inventions, wald

serie granduca by richard ginori

robert stadler lets you name it with his series of abstract objects

scrivania victor by mario airò for adele c

poltroncina e scrivania by team7

ice by tom dixon for caeserstone, ph vicky lam


informed by the satirical novel by edwin abbott titled ‘flatland: a romance of many dimensions’ — the story of a two-dimensional world occupied by geometric figures — turkish artist avdin buyuktas sets his series ‘flatland’ in a surprising context that defies the laws of physical existence. büyüktas has turned the turkish city of istanbul upside down, transforming sites like sultanahmet square, the grand bazaar and maltepe stadium into warped collages that distort the viewer’s perspective of space.


the first set of sculptures has been installed in museo atlantico, the first underwater contemporary art museum in europe and the atlantic ocean. 14 meters beneath the clear blue waters off the coast of lanzarote, artist jason decaires taylor has fixed a series of sculptural installations to the ocean floor

michael taylor is showing his first solo sarasota exhibition particles: something out of nothing at alfstad & contemporary. recognized by his peers in the world of glass as one of the most innovative artists and educators at work today, taylor is renowned for his unique geometric fused-glass sculptures.


amélie nothomb, il delitto del conte neville


inverno a palazzo fortuny, quattro mostre dedicate a henriette fortuny, ida barbarigo, romaine brooks e sarah moon


i bulbi di evelina pisani, installazione nel parco di villa pisani bolognesi scalabrin (vescovana, padova), in collaborazione con grandi giardini italiani,

body ornaments

argenterie giovanni raspini


russian artist asya kozina channels the motifs, costumes and aesthetic characteristics of various historical time periods and recreates them using the medium of paper

nelle regioni di frontiera della cina del sud, tra guizhou e fuji

et caetera

rendering of michelangelo’s “the creation of adam,” if adam and god had suffered from arthritis in their wrists. An article published this week by the journal of the royal society of medicine suggests that michelangelo buonaroti suffered from osteoarthritis for the last 15 years of his life html

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