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the catalan artist victor enrich has envisioned a scheme he calls ‘phalus 2020′, which depicts the original white house stacked 13 times on top of itself. the imposing structure mimics the president elect’s residental and hotel schemes, with an oversized golden trump logo crowning the tower. first shot on location in washington dc, enrich then digitally constructed this humorous interpretation of what he imagines the fictional landscape might look like after trump’s presidency

carnet de notes 367

by paolo rinaldi

ph fausto giaccone, elaborazione manfredi bellati


thousands of tourists surround the kukulcan pyramid at the chichen itza archeological site during the celebration of the spring equinox in the yucatan state, southeastern mexico, on march 21, 2016




left, ismolas, project massimiliano fuksas e doriana mandrelli

right, out of the earth: pavlov archeopark by radko kv%u011Bt architects. it is found in a secluded, protected landscape area. from the outside, it looks less like a series of buildings, and more –as the architects radko kv%u011Bt and pavel pijá%u010Dek consciously intended it- like a series of caves. within it, more than a thousand square meters narrate the course of human evolution. in southern moravia’s pavlov, near the czech-austrian borders, this is how the world starts. not with a bang, but with a museum. ph gabriel dvorak, ales lezatka,

les champicabanes, mushrooms cabins for the garden, projet claude pasquer de ateliers bauhinia, ph alexandre petzold

london design museum

tivoli vredenburg, the completely renovated music venue in utrecht. design by herman hertzberger thijs asselbergs jo coenen nl architects

nuovo centro direzionale atrium, parma, porte effebiquattro,

schmidt hammer lassen architects reveal designs for aros next level in collaboration with american artist james turrell


italian design studio aim has renovated a home in milan to add storage in the walls and a disguised central staircase


anna pernice, manuale per aspiranti blogger

hotels, restaurants and bars

the idol hotel is a colorful parisian boutique hotel that pays homage to its neighbors, like the municipal conservatory of paris and nearby instrument makers  the hotel designer julie gauthron is the woman behind the  interior

 philippe starck has unveiled his first creations for the rosewood são paulo — a luxury urban hotel and spa within cidade matarazzo. located a block away from paulista avenue, the tower’s façade has been designed by jean nouvel alongside alexandre allard. starck wasappointed artistic director of the project 

l’officina, food n’ music di monterotondo, in provincia di roma, nasce negli spazi di un ex garage, ma della vecchia attività rimane solo il nome. tommaso guerra ha curato gli interni e l’immagine coordinata del locale

casa mimosa è situato in un edificio modernista nello stesso isolato de la pedrera. progetto studio tarruella trenchs. arredi per esterno kettal,


les puces du design crescono. a parigi nuova location e direzione targata 5.5 designstudio


sander wassink presents vibrant interpretations of gispen chair in rotterdam the contrabande exhibit on show at the museum boijmans van beuningen highlights wassink's trip to morocco to reproduce an iconic dutch design, 

left, friul mosaic, villa privata in polonia, marmi e smalti policromi, project statilio ubiali

right, seves glassblock, the mendini collection

twitty, tavolo ovale indoor, struttura in metallo e piccolo foro in vetro sul piano con uccellino in ceramica oro, angeletti ruzza per da a


american sculptor frank plant, has completed grow, a large steel and plant based drawing for wageningen university in the netherlands,

lorenzo francechinis, vaso scavato in un tronco d'albero


eric lopresti, lewisia with crystal background, 2016, watercolor on paper


lederam, catellani & smith, metallo e rame dorato


antonio sant'elia, il futuro delle città, triennale di milano

e all'origine del progetto, pinacoteca civica, como

francesco giuseppe a miramare. immagini e parole. museo storico del castello di miramare, until 05/03/2017,

carte e gioielli, alba polenghi lisca, studio masiero, milano


chris labrooy is a master manipulator of revved-up cars and re-interpreted realities, whether they be twisted pickup trucks, or tangled cars in tokyo. his most recent series, ‘911’, is a playful study of the iconic 1973 porsche 911 carrera RS. placed in picturesque and sun-drenched scenes drawn from the landscapes of palm springs, california


boulevard du temple, taken by daguerre in 1838 in paris, includes the earliest known photograph of a person. the image shows a street, but because of the over ten minute exposure time the moving traffic does not appear. at the lower left, however, a man apparently having his boots polished, and the bootblack polishing them, were motionless enough for their images to be captured.

alex hartley, after you left, victoria miro gallery

christoffer relander, fotografo finlandese, realizza immagini sotto vetro del suo paese senza ritocchi, ma con doppia esposizione: prima fotografa in studio un vasetto di vetro, poi sulla stessa pellicola fotografa paesaggi

et caetera

for the ‘arctic circle’ expedition, joshua abarbanel has created a small mold (16 inches long) of a model norwegian rowboat to be cast in ice and released in the arctic waters — where it would eventually melt and become the very element on which it floats

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