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a member of the iraqi christian forces kataeb babylon (babylon brigades), wearing a bandana with an inscription saying "here i am, o mary", stands guard carrying a kalashnikov assault rifle by the statue of the virgin mary, damaged and decapitated by the islamic state group (is), in the mar benham syriac catholic monastery in the town of khidr ilyas, southeast of mosul, on november 22, 2016 (safin hamed/afp)

carnet de notes 368

by paolo rinaldi

ph fausto giaccone, elaborazione manfredi bellati


grandi massicci montuosi, fra i più alti di tutto l’appennino, dominano l’altipiano che si fa spazio tra le vette e si estende a un’altezza di circa di 1800 metri sul livello del mare, 75 chilometri quadrati di prati sconfinati e monti dai dolci profili. ci troviamo all’interno del parco nazionale del gran sasso e monti della laga, istituito nel 1991 per tutelare l’alto valore naturalistico ma anche storico di quest’area. fosco maraini chiamava queste terre piccolo tibet, "il nostro piccolo tibet"

hokkaido, giappone




left, werner aisslinger, house of wonders, museum exhibition, pinakothek der moderne, die neue sammlung, the design museum, munich,

right, tokyu plaza ginza by nikken sekkei. located in ginza, which is the most renowned commercial district in japan, tokyu plaza ginza is a large commercial building with a floor area of 50,000 sqm. and can be described as “gate of ginza”. ph koji fujii/nacasa & partners

the south-korean wise architecture conceives mu:m office building like an owl's nest. according to mu:m, the logo tells the story of the adventure, challenge and passion of a yellow owl which sets out to search for the 13th planet of the solar system. impressed by this narrative, wise architecture  has suggested a nest-shape building which evokes a space for the owl to rest in.    ph kyung roh

located in apulia, italy, the jmg house pays homage to vernacular architecture through a charming blend of tradition and modernism. completed by italian studio luca zanaroli architects, the house has a direct connection to the natural landscape, showing respect to the integrity of the land. an l-shaped building and a black cubic lodge join an old trullo which has been used as a visual and spatial link

'crown house’ is an architectural proposal by polish firm its angular, clean-lined form has been envisioned to sit upon a lake and serve as strong juxtaposition to its natural surroundings

the norwegian mountaineering center, andalsnes, more og romsdal, norway. project by reiulf ramstad arkitekter: the design of the building is based on its function as a mountaineering center and gathering place for both locals and visitors. this provides the structure with a characteristic volume communicating its contents with exciting and unique geometrical expression

alberto campo baeza has completed ‘domus aurea’, a serene all-white monterrey dwelling that forms the architect’s first residence in mexico. behind the scheme’s opaque walls, a spacious interior is created through the combination of two offset double-height volumes. daylight entering through a clerestory window at the uppermost storey illuminates the entire property         ph javier callejas


la nuova biblioteca universitaria centrale di trento è pronta ad aprire i battenti e ad accogliere più di 400 persone tra studenti e personale. tra i protagonisti dell’inaugurazione di sabato 19 novembre al quartiere le albere, c’erano anche loro: i cinquanta addetti dell’azienda multi servizi euro&promos, cui è affidato il compito di abbinare a una struttura tanto prestigiosa, firmata dall’archistar renzo piano, servizi bibliotecari di altissimo livello per gli studenti dell’ateneo

urban design

guatapé, colombia


hotels, restaurants and bars

l’hotel nira montana è il primo 5 stelle di la thuile, piccolo borgo della valle d’aosta ai piedi del monte bianco. progetto d'interni studio del portico. per l'arredo dei terrazzi aria di nardi,

atlas hotel is a green-filled holiday destination located in hoi an’s unesco heritage old town in vietnam. completed by vo trong nghia architects, the project combines the charm of the old town, the local tiled architecture and spatial quality to result in the five-storey hotel to reconnect guests with nature

le giubbe rosse riapre, reopens, firenze, italy


merging botanical forms from england with the delicate plant shapes from her childhood in japan, ceramic artist hitomi hosono produces delicate layered sculptures that appear as frozen floral arrangements. often monochromatic, the works are focused on carved detail rather than color—repetition of form making each piece uniquely beautiful


designed by japanese studio nendo, the alias ‘okome’ furniture system is characterized by its wide angles and soft, rounded forms. with a total of nine different configurations, the alias ‘okome’ combines various elements together to meet specific demands of the office and home environments.the sets are covered in kavdrat fabrics,


the confectionary company bake traces its origins to the famed dairy farming tradition of hokkaido.this project by yusuke seki is the newest bakery storefront, tasked with the production and sales of the brand’s signature item — a freshly baked cheese tart– in a kyoto shopping district. ph takumi ota

left,  telerie spadari, milano

right, studio dimore collection

apre il nuovo spazio espositivo manerba a milano, dove vedere come l'azienda mantovana, che opera nel settore arredi per ufficio da quasi 50 anni, sa mappare gli spazi di lavoro con il colore, personalizzare in coordinato tutte le finiture, esprimere flessibilità e leggerezza estetica con le sue collezioni, usare le trasparenze colorate per delimitare gli open space in modo originale


opere di domenico pellegrino. foto di alessandro di giugno

dina goldstein, modern girl


paris-based photographer nicolas rivals has realized the series ‘la línea roja’ — a visual study of geometry and form in dialogue with nature

mexican-born mixed media and installation artist gabriel dawe produces rainbow installations that appear as refracted light beams, ethereal works composed of thousands of multicolor threads like plexus n. 35, at the toledo museumof art's great gallery,


giulio paolini, fine, galleria christian stein, milano e pero

a milano una grande antologica celebra arnaldo pomodoro, until feb 5, 2017 |

        colors. una mostra di paolo gotti. 16 dicembre 2016 – 31 gennaio 2017        corte isolani, bologna,


on noor island, a lagoon island in the middle of the capital of the arab emirate sharjah, german design studio 3deluxe is currently designing a 2.5 ha transmedia landscape park, interwoven with an ensemble of several themed pavilions and buildings. the architectural structure to shape the island’s entire appearance, the butterfly pavilion, is nearing completion. ph christian bauer

gathered under the umbrella title of the ‘picnic project’ the proposals take a thoughtful approach to the designs that they suggest, referring heavily to theories of romanticism and where such ideas find legitimacy in a post-industrial society. the constructs outlined by the leonidas papalampropoulos architecture bureau represent a response to trauma (in this case the decline of the mining industry) through acceptance and management, rather than denial or repression. this approach can be associated with the re-instatement of the romantic idealization of nature and the new relationship that it develops towards the landscape

numen/for use. in the specific context of design district zagreb festival, the installation was located in a park, otherwise secluded, recessed between the public housing buildings from social realism era


letizia battaglia.per pura passione. fondazione maxxi, roma, until april 17, 2017

oltre 200 scatti, provini e vintage print inediti provenienti dall’archivio storico della fotografa palermitana, insieme a riviste, pubblicazioni, film e interviste, in una grande mostra monografica per testimoniare quarant’anni di vita e società italiana

ruby rumié: weaving streets at nh galleria, cartagena de indias. 50 mujeres en bodegòn


in chichibu, japan, two hours northwest of tokyo, there’s an odd museum; perhaps the only one of its kind. it’s called the chinsekikan (which means hall of curious rocks) and it houses over 1700 rocks that resemble human faces. the museum houses all kinds of jinmenseki, or rock with a human face, including celebrity lookalikes like elvis presley. and according to a 2013 post on kotaku, there are also movie and video game character rocks like e.t., donkey kong and nemo

werkbundarchiv – museum der dinge, oranienstraße 25, 10999 berlin

et caetera

the longest rammed earth wall in australia and – probably – the southern hemisphere, has been selected as a finalist in the (australian institute of architects) western australia architecture awards. at 230 metres long, the rammed earth wall meanders along the edge of a sand dune and encloses twelve earth covered residences, created to provide short-term accommodation for a cattle station during mustering season. with their 450 mm thick rammed earth facade and the sand dune to their rear and forming their roofs, the residences have the best thermal mass available, making them naturally cool in the subtropical climate. project by luigi rosselli architects.     ph edward birch

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