carnet de notes 369

carnet de notes 369

by paolo rinaldi

ph fausto giaccone, elaborazione manfredi bellati


cappadocia, turkey,





a glazed panel in the base of this cantilevered swimming pool by architecture studio noa gives bathers dramatic views of the south tyrolean dolomites

the focal point of slab house, this residential project by bureau de change, is a concrete waffle shaped roof – an intervention whose form is meaningful both inside and out. Sitting aloft the new living area, its peaks and troughs create trenches for rooftop planting, softening the volume and offering pleasing views from the floors above. ph ben blossom

l22 firma il progetto di restauro e rifunzionalizzazione degli ex caselli daziari dell’arco della pace, a milano, mettendone in luce lo scenario. il recupero degli edifici è rivolto a destinarli ai diversi usi della cultura alimentare, dell’arte e del territorio

tyin tegnestue architects have designed this small 645 square foot (60sqm) cabin that sits on top of rocks by the sea in more og romsdal, norway. ph pasi aalto

 the 3m design team has collaborated with stefano boeri architetti to create “urban tree lounge”. the “trees” are created using 3m films, nonwovens, and adhesives, which created a kaleidoscope of dancing light. the reflective light created by the leaves was intended to inspire visitors to “reflect” on their experiences. the conceptual tree, like an organic one, absorbs, filters and mirrors the sunlight to create a shadow to reflect and recharge.

big & barcode architects design new getaway in amsterdam. the 46.000 m2 mixed-use building named sluishuis will create a landmark in the emerging neighborhood of ijburg, bridging the new urban district to the harbor areas near amsterdam’s historic city center,


the garage by neri&hu design and research office, 11 hepingli south street, dongcheng area, beijing%uFF0Cchina. ph pedro pegenaute

in a city of 26 million inhabitants and 7 million vehicles, being trapped in a car in beijing’s notorious traffic is a compulsory experience in the capital city. neri&hu’s approach to the architectural renovation and interior design of an automobile service center in beijing attempts to recapture the allure and magic that was once associated with cars. along with a café and offices, the project as a whole is conceived as a workshop space, partly raw and partly refined, it is activated throughout with the energy and spirit of the industrial era

diaframmi, la nuova collezione di pareti divisorie modulari in marmo di raffaello galiotto per lithos design

hotels, restaurants and bars

la snow suite dell'hotel lac salin spa di livigno 

il grand hotel palace di roma festeggia i 90 anni degli affreschi di guido cadorin

design firm egue & seta have designed hammock, a juice bar in barcelona, spain, that appropriately features plenty of hammocks

the “hr giger bar“ i in the hr giger museum in gruyères, switzerland. hr giger bar is a cavernous, skeletal structure covered by double arches of vertebrae that crisscross the vaulted ceiling of an ancient castle. The sensation of being in this extraordinary setting recalls the tale of Jonah and the whale, lending the feel of being literally in the belly of a fossilized, prehistoric beast

a new hotel on the greek island of mykonos: the kensho boutique hotel overlooks ornos bay and has a contemporary design thanks to interior design firm cmh. ph dimitris poupalos


japanese artist tokujin yoshioka has collaborated with louis vuitton to create a four-petal ‘blossom stool’ for objets nomades exhibition at design miami/ 2016. the elegant furniture piece reinterprets the designer brand’s iconic monogram of petals, by reshaping the silhouette to form a delicate overlapping structure,

founded in 2011 by designer melanie roseveare, the melody rose brand is known for high quality, contemporary bone china tableware with an elegant twist

beautiful vandalism: laurent craste punishes porcelain

"my research centers on conceptual explorations of the multiple layers of meaning of decorative collectibles, in their sociological and historical dimensions, and also in their ideological and aesthetic ones," he says


olfattorio, in collaborazione con l'artista francesco greco e l'architetto daniela cariello, inaugura a roma un nuovo capitolo della storia dei bar à parfums,


alice underground, teatro elfo puccini, milano


malcom/samson/jago, 2016, acryl/kohle auf leinwand,  je 180×30 cm

 "sommernachtsträume" von roland schauls in der galerie clairefontaine


mono lamp. as a child, ux/ui designer simon forgacs has been fascinated by how test cards looked on tv screens. appearing as colorful geometric shapes, test cards are a set of patterns that calibrate and adjust television signals for the picture to be displayed correctly right before broadcast. ph bence szemerev

lampada saily, skitsch lighting/hub design


lamp garbi by david dolcini for luceplan


meret oppenheim opere in dialogo. da max ernst a mona hatoum 11 febbraio – 28 maggio 2017. lac lugano arte e cultura

a palazzo garzoni moro di venezia, sotto la direzione artistica di manon comerio, arte e ricerca si fondono in un percorso di esplorazione cognitiva dalle diverse prospettive di analisi con le opere di letizia cariello e alcuni pezzi della collezione maam, museo delle arti applicate nel mobile, realizzati da morelato,,

     jack shainman gallery present titus kaphar’s second solo exhibition, on view at  chelsea locations. shifting skies is an investigation into the highest and lowest forms of recording history. from monuments to mug shots, this body of work seeks to collapse the line of american history to inhabit a fixed point in the present

body ornaments

“walking treasures – tesori da passeggio”. esh gallery

gioielli di: monica castiglioni, laura forte, eleonora ghilardi, oki
izumi, stefania pennacchio, simona rinciari, rie sakamoto e natsuko toyofuku

 that it develops towards the landscape


thomas kern. haiti. the perpetual liberation

antonia jannone disegni di architettura festeggia santa lucia con una mostra dedicata alla bellezza della tavola apparecchiata: dipinta da elena carrozzi e rosa martinez-artero, fotografata da philippe daverio con elena gregori e uliano lucas


kazujo sejima progetta a tokyo il museo dedicato a hokusai. il piccolo edificio racchiude tutta la tradizione dell'acclamato maestro giapponese, dimostrando il suo rapporto intimo e viscerale con il quartiere, il parco e il tessuto circostante

museum in wen hua da lou, shangbu, futian qu, shenzhen shi, guangdong sheng, china. project coop himmelb(l)au, wolf d. prox. ph duccio malagamba

et caetera

bruno cattani, carousel

studio clelia belgrado, vision quest

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