carnet de notes 227

carnet de notes 227

portrait by marirosa toscani ballo

carnet de notes by paolo rinaldi
online weekly magazine 24/02/2014
(voyages, architecture, interiors, design,
restaurants, lumières, art, espos, photos)
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carnet des carnets

carnet de voyages

capetown, south africa

carnet d'architecture

undulating canopy unites zayed university by brt architekten,

aedas clads al bahr towers with dynamic shading device

metro arquitetos sets art pavilion in são paulo garden

carnet de interiors

allez up by smith vigeant architects, montreal, canada

carnet de design

chairs by miguel soeiro

pagan chair by material lust

bench ciseled from basalt stone by byung hoon choi

at friedman benda, new york,

falda vase for rosenthal by sebastian herkner

michael neville recycles cardboard into paper pulp rockers

carnet de events

i giovedì del design, 27 febbraio, design library, milano

carnet de lumières

left, alvar aalto ‘lightings’ exhibition at grand-hornu images

left, lamps seletti

right, lamps leti by studio macura

carnet de musées

panama biomuseo by frank gehry ready for grand opening

carnet d'art

georgia o'keeffe, petunias, at museum de young, san francisco

carnet de livres

the last carnet

goCstudio envisions floating wa_sauna in union bay seattle

jamie ghio sanches mike braunewell carve custom guitars


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