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una videosorveglianza all’ennesima potenza prevede l’installazione di un miliardo di telecamere all’orizzonte 2020, e 30 miliardi d’immagini al secondo, gestite dall’intelligenza artificiale. presentato dalla statunitense nvidia all’isc west di las vegas

 carnet de notes 401

by paolo rinaldi,, 0039.3483577940

isfahan, iran, may 2017 (ph annamaria arnesano)


malga pramosio, carnia, italy


in the southern french city of arles, a frank gehry-designed tower is rising above an experimental contemporary art center. led by swiss collector maja hoffmann, luma arles will occupy a former rail depot with a campus designed to showcase some of the art world’s biggest names. gehry’s tower evokes the form of the region’s rugged mountain ranges. ph victor picon,

an "obese house" by austrian sculptor erwin wurm has been installed on the lawn outside an 18th-century palace in vienna. wurm first created the fat house in 2003, as a commentary on middle-class consumer culture. it is now on show outside the upper belvedere, one of vienna's most important examples of baroque architecture,


in borders sculpture park, a new venue for contemporary sculpture set within the grounds of scotland’s picturesque mellerstain house, environmental artist steve messam has installed a trio of large-scale, inflatable artworks that engage with the landscape


apre cascina maria, nuovo concept-space in provincia di novara ideato da nicoletta rusconi


lycs ‘mylines westlake’ is an interior renovation project for an existing building located in hangzhou, china. the design expands from the conventional emphasis of a themed hotel, redefining the stereotypical concept of a ‘lovers hotel’ with a new spatial experience. the rooms, from top clockwise: narcossism, sadism, romance

intercity hotel, project matteo thun & partners, braunschweig, duisburg, frankfurt, hamburg, hannover, budapest, ph hiepler, brunier

italian studio diorama has transformed an old grocery store in puglia into a bar and restaurant complete with tropical plants, flamingo wallpaper and neon palm trees. bloom in town is located in the southern italian coastal town of molfetta


left, buzzifloat chair collection by alain gilles for buzzispace,

right, faux mirror collection by alain gilles for deknudt mirrors,

left, yvonne bistrot chairs by yuzuro yamakawa for yamakawa. ph

right, sistema di tavolini flow bowl by nendo for alias,

tavolo origami con piano in vetro fumé bisellato by natisa

from top left, clockwise

lounge chair celine by jader almeida for sollos,

chair by croatian studio regular company, a multidisciplinary studio that works across the fields of products, interiors, branding and digital design. founded in 2015 by ruder novak-mikulic, marija ruzic vukmanic, marinko murgi and tihomir filipec

jin kuramoto's light, strong and biodegradable chair for offecct, made of flax fiber,

luca nichetto has created a chair intended to resemble to bow of a boat

left and center, halikko stool and siro, bar stool, finnish design

miguel and gonzalo milá craft organic rattan furniture for expormim,–gonzalo-mil%c3.html

una stanza tutta per sé. cristina celestino. cantiere galli design, roma,


lovi apre un pop-up shop nel centro storico di stoccolma, parte del negozio happy sthlms su stora nygatan in gamla stan,

carwan gallery beirut


gio tirotto designed oblio as a crossover piece that falls somewhere in between art and design. the fixture, created for secondome gallery, has an arched brace that holds a mirrored disk with an embedded led light around its perimeter,

design studio mentsen designed the cluster lamp series rigatoni for hand & eye studio with vertical ridges down the sides that mimic similar indentions on the tube-shaped pasta of the same name,

pilke plywood lamp family consists of five pendant lamps


davide mosconi, moda, arte, pubblicità at galleria milano, milano, italy


tellas at magma gallery at artverona 2017

body ornaments

gioielli di carta di ana hagopian da fabriano boutique,

et caetera

iftach gazit’s ready meals for the homeless can be cooked at the laundrette influenced by sous vide cooking, gazit's ready meals are enclosed in a waterproof tyvek vacuum bag and can be made in a washing machine with your laundry

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