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il ritorno del circo bidon in italia a bordo di carovane trainate da cavalli

ph alain gaymard, http://www.claps.lombardia.it,

carnet de notes 348

by paolo rinaldi

premio chi è chi award 2014, best weekly online magazine

ph fausto giaccone, elaborazione manfredi bellati


rintala eggertsson architects has completed a rhythmic pedestrian bridge over the river vosso in western norway. the scheme replaces a previously existing structure, which had been destroyed by a flood in 2014,

praga, prague, repubblica ceca




louvre, abu dhabi, project jean nouvel,

left, a new ten-storey building at london’s tate modern art gallery opens its doors to the public. designed by herzog & de meuron — the  swiss firm who originally transformed the former power station 16 years ago — the expansion is situated behind the original building, offering 60% more space for visitors to explore

right, the royal institute of british architects (riba) will open a new national architecture centre,riba north, in august on the waterfront in liverpool. the new centre will offer architecture exhibitions, talks and tours and a new café and shop

studio fuksas has revealed images of a new cultural complex it is working on in the georgian capital of tbilisi. located within the city’s rhike park, the building is composed of two sculptural tubular elements that both open up onto the adjacent green space. connected via a shared retaining wall, the two volumes house a musical theater and an exhibition hall respectively. image by joel rookwood

clay is ubiquitous, easy to work with, and requires little energy inputs: “mud works” by anna heringer and martin rauch. ph francesco galli, la biennale di venezia

left, faceted window frames project from the slatted timber and stained-glass facade of this apartment block in tehran, designed by iranian studio keivani architects

right, building by architects hmaa, kanagawa prefecture, japan, ph nobuki taoaka

building by aamer architects


this year would have been panton's 90 birthday. so verpan have decided to celebrate the occasion  introducing another luxurious metal finish, making use of a dustier colour palette, and upholstering with some of kvadrat’s fabrics designed by raf simons

when asked to create a show unit in an apartment building in kuala lumpur, malaysia, whose owner is an avid traveler and photographer, interior designers nu infinity decided that the apartment should be designed to incorporate natural materials into the interior to create a calm relaxing space, perfect for retreating to after a busy trip

row studio use a golden reflective ceiling for barberia royal shop in mexico city,

located within the atrium office tower in tel aviv, israel, is this amazing sculptural staircase made from poplar wood. ph itay sikolski


after/umbracula, i due savi di fausto melotti, a cura di antonella ranaldi e fulvio irace, totem di italo lupi. la xxi triennale declina il tema design after design in umbracula, padiglione che si ispira alla sala della asse del castello sforzesco e alle forme dlla natura. ph gianluca di ioia

transsolar’s dynamic ‘lightscapes’ installation illuminates the arsenale at venice biennale, conceived as a collaboration between transsolar and anja thierfelder. categorized between architecture and technical art, the series of intense and dynamic rays of light have been achieved through the manipulation of the room’s thermodynamic conditions

hotels et restaurants

charlotte biltgen has created the bespoke interior design for maison première, a brand new restaurant in the ebisu district of tokyo, an up-and-coming residential area popular with bobos (bourgeois bohemians)

in myagi, tokyo, architect kengo kuma has completed the whimsical interior design of a french restaurant, named ‘nacrée’. the focal characteristic of this space is defined by an unconventional element of architecture that wraps and curves around the floorplan to form a decorative and functional element

drawn from the motifs of nature, earth and animal life, russian artist and illustrator karina eibatova has created a large scale tile work for the restaurant and reception area of a hotel in greece. at casa cook in rhodes, eibatova has installed ‘magical jungles’

when designing kimono, a japanese restaurant in hanoi, vietnam, nh village architects decided to include a private dining room for guests, made from strips of bamboo. ph hiroyuki oki


left, at icff, under the theme ‘design for delight’, adam whittaker realized the ‘en throne’ chair — a bold and uncomplicated seat that is simultaneously sculptural, graphic and playful. depending on the vantage point of the viewer, an optical trick hides the source of the seat behind a monolithic blue circle

right, ‘arm’ chair is not another chair; it is an anti-chair. it celebrates nonsense, and gleefully breaks the chair design rule book. it is not comfortable; in fact, it cannot be sat on. it is the outline or symbol of a chair, produced in fine american oak. created by clark bardsley design, a practice based in auckland

stelios mousarris’ rocket coffee table blasts off on plumes of smoke

left, vases by emmanuel babled

right, svelata, marble vases by moreno ratti for matter of stuff,

colé gallery

left, teiera vanity

right, vassoi e vetri ondina

aldo cibic for paola c,

design lanzavecchia way for luisa firenze,

left, fiori di filo, porta fiore da vaso in filo di rame intrecciato con una tecnica antica giapponese, artigiano kanaami tsuji, designer laudani romanelli for hands on design,

right, axcent, pocket watch bronze by people

frank rettenbacher’s ‘june’ chair for zanotta is characterised by its contrasting use of geometric shapes and materials,

benjamin hubert's layer expands cradle chair collection for moroso with knitted mesh backs

boutique mast è il nuovo sistema porro dalla leggerezza nautica e dalla linearità grafica, che consente massima libertà espressiva per composizioni pavimento soffitto o a parete

et caetera

le panchine letterarie di londra: alice nel paese delle meravigliee. mrs dallowy, orgoglio r pregiudizio

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