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lanzarote, jardín de cactus

la cava di guatiza e i luoghi coltivati nel suolo di un’isola vulcanica, premio internazionale per il giardino, 28° edizione, 118-20 maggio 2017,

an elevation of the entire acropolis as seen from the west; while the parthenon dominates the scene, it is nonetheless only part of a greater composition. image courtesy of wikimedia user quibik (public domain)

the parthenon, perhaps the most celebrated example of classical greek architecture, was only the first of a series of remarkable buildings to be constructed atop the athenian acropolis in the wake of the persian wars. led by the renowned statesman pericles, the city-state embarked on an ambitious rebuilding program which replaced all that had been razed by the persians. the new complex, while dedicated to the gods and the legends that surrounded the acropolis, were as much a declaration of athens’ glory as they were places of worship – monuments to a people who had risen from the ashes of a war to become the most powerful and prosperous state in the ancient world


science center in skolkovo, russia, project by solid studio

docked atop of the doxcentre for contemporary art in prague is a 42 meter-long, giant airship shaped similar to the ones that cruised the skies in the early 20th century. this architectural intervention —eye catching against the existing white museum buildings— seemingly appears to have landed to serve as the museum’s new permanent space for literature and reading. named after the famous traveler, the idea of the ship was conceptualized by leoš válka, director of DOX and completed by hut architektury, led by architect martin rajniš. ph jan slavik



project by fougeron architecture, broadway, oakland, ph bruce damonte

big windows replace the rear wall of a 20th-century house in rotterdam, which has been overhauled by shift architecture urbanism to create two light-filled apartments. one of the flats occupies the lower two levels, while the other is placed on the upper two floors. ph noortie knulst


the mondrian doha in qatar is a marcel wanders 5-star destination in collaboration with sbe, drawing on local knowledge and exhibiting innovative materials and techniques. each space possesses its own identity, allowing guests to form a collection of stories woven with a main theme

a casa flora l’architettura e gli interni del palazzo tipico veneziano incontrano il meglio del design artigianale e manifatturiero italiano. progetto di matteo ghidoni, interior design laura sari

interior designer pauline lin has recently completed faebrew, a modern coffee shop in richmond, a suburb of vancouver in british columbia, canada, that serves hand poured coffees. ph  christina faminoff


andrea ponti models chair series on hong kong's urban architecture

japanese designer shigeru uchida's final work is the khora furniture collection, created in collaboration with chinese designer adrian cheng and featuring patterns made using traditional joinery. the khora collection features seats and tables attached to complex woven or gridded wooden screens that cast patterned shadows. ph tim wong

in his lifetime, uchida worked on everything from tea room and shop interiors to furniture and lighting, and was often noted for his minimal approach. he created boutiques for fashion designer yohji yamamoto, designed the kobe fashion museum, and his work is included in collections at new york's metropolitan museum of art and hong kong's m museum

collection no III by lazzarini pickering for marta sala editions

low table mer noire by studio damien gernay. leather, black patinated steel. at gallerie gosserez

scarlet splendour is set to unveil a brand-new collection from slovenian designer nika zupanc at spazio rosanna orlandi. the collection, named 88 secrets, brings a bit of magic and allure to furniture and rugs with reference to the 88 constellations, including the 12 from astrology, officially recognized in the world of astronomy,

the bases of these tables by brussels designer alain gilles are made from bent metal frameworks that resemble crinoline petticoats


towada art center exhibits takashi murakami's personal ceramic art collection


child studio's in the shadow of a man collection features globe-shaped lamps that perch on bases as if precariously off-balanced

freeze brings a new outlook to the traditional ‘arm lamp’. ricardo saint-clair’s design was part of the rio design exhibition held at the università degli studi di milano


general audition» à la galerie l’elac a été imaginée comme une salle de concert, présentant une accumulation festive d’œuvres de personnalités venues pour un temps à l’ecal au contact des étudiants. jusqu’au 5 mai

dario fo e franca rame. ritratto a tutto tondo nella mostra a palazzo barberini, roma. circa 150 opere fra disegni, tele, arazzi, copioni, foto, documenti, pupazzi, maschere, costumi e oggetti di scena

irene balia, still (from) life, apart spazio critico, vicenza

santiago sierra, mea culpa, pac padiglione d'arte contemporanea, milano

io ironicamente io, elio marchegiani, venere (delle grammature), primo marella gallery, milano

et caetera

campagna diesel

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